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4 wedding makeup looks for everyone

Don’t wait until the last minute to decide how you want to look on your big day! We know that party planning and dress planning are important, but possible wedding makeup looks should also go to the top of the list.

By when should you choose the makeup? According to Wedding Wire, one of the best wedding planners in the world, the planning of the bride’s attire – shoes, dress, hair, makeup – should be ready a month before the celebration.

¿ And how to choose it? You could take a look at some videos or photos online to get a better idea of what you are looking for. But there are a couple of considerations to keep in mind.

Depending on your face type, skin color and even the time of day you’re having your ceremony, some bridal makeup ideas may be better than others.

Would you like to know a couple of wedding makeup tips? In this article we’ve compiled four styles that might interest you. Take note!

1. A natural wedding makeup look

A natural wedding makeup look

Many women, knowing that the wedding is the day when they should look their best in their whole life, make the mistake of looking for a makeup out of the ordinary.

Big mistake! The makeup for the wedding day should repropose the natural beauty of the woman, highlighting the qualities and hiding the defects, but above all it is important not to alter the features and physiognomy.

A great example

Surely, you will still remember Meghan Markle’s big wedding to Prince Harry in May 2018. Actress Markle surprised us all by showing up with almost no makeup, or at least, that’s what you could tell.

How it works

Natural bridal makeup aims to enhance all your strengths and conceal facial imperfections.

The base of the face is radiant and even, thanks to a foundation with a nude skin effect, enlivened by a touch of blush with a color very close to the natural color of the skin.

The eyes are enhanced with chiaroscuro and nude shades or with a luminous eyelid enriched with a very fine line and softly shaded with brown eyeliner.

Exaggerated strips of false eyelashes are not allowed, but for sure a few loose strands could give more definition to the look.

Finally, for the lips, a touch of translucent and slightly tinted lipstick is required, surrounded by a flesh-colored lipstick.


One of the most striking features of natural bridal makeup looks is that they can be adapted for any occasion.

You can use it during the day as we explained in the previous point and with just a touch of brown pencil on the inner rim of the eye, you will have already adapted the look for the evening.

You could also adapt it for a lovely beach wedding by adding a touch of bronzer and illuminating the face to give the effect of sun-kissed skin.

2. A romantic bridal makeup look

A romantic bridal makeup look

You have imagined walking down the aisle for a long time, right? If this is the case, you have romanticism in your blood and this is the makeup you are looking for.

We are talking about a timeless makeup that specializes in techniques and colors.

How it works

Romantic bridal makeup requires a slightly more structured facial base.

Cheeks and cheekbones should be highlighted and the face should be given the typical whiteness of a person who is excited and blushing.

The eyes will be enhanced with soft and diffused shades, elaborated with soft and delicate colors for the day and a little more intense for the evening.

Then a touch of glitter in the inner corner is inevitable, which will make the sweet bride’s eyes sparkle.

The lips should be surrounded by a pencil that accentuates the cupid’s bow and gives them the typical heart shape. Finally, they will be filled in with a creamy, well moisturizing lipstick.

The perfect colors to use for the romantic touch are nude pinks, mauve pinks and peach pinks.


This style is perfect for outdoor locations such as landscaped gardens or for indoor locations enriched with flowers and soft lighting.

3. Glamorous wedding makeup

This is one of the best bridal makeup ideas for a woman in love with fashion. It is no coincidence that glamorous bridal makeup aims to use all the latest and most popular trends in the world of beauty.

Every detail should reflect the latest fashion, but at the same time, it should be adapted to the context of a wedding as we will explain below:

How it works

To get an idea of the final result, just imagine Kim Kardashian’s style. The shapes of the face should be well sculpted so that you don’t have to stumble over too much contouring.

The focus will be on the eyes, which should be the absolute protagonists of the makeup. Green light for smoky eyes, halo eyes and eyeliner, which should be adapted to the features of the face.

For the eyebrows, on the other hand, lathered eyebrows are a must, the ideal setting for a dazzling, thick and voluminous look with the hair-by-hair technique.

The lips will be drawn with a contour on the light shaded line, a technique that allows you to give them volume without making them too artificial.


Glamorous makeup does not skimp on aspects such as highlighting the neckline, which should shine with light thanks to a liquid illuminator specially designed for the body.

Glamorous bridal makeup is undoubtedly the most chosen by those who love to wear makeup frequently, both in everyday life and at special events.

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4. Alternative wedding makeup

Are you planning to make an unforgettable wedding for the guests and recreate a special place? Then this is one of the best bridal makeup ideas for your celebration.

In fact, it is not uncommon for a couple to want to give a very particular meaning to the context by putting in place a real themed setting.

Not everyone is into traditional weddings, some just want a very touching themed party.

How it works

The make-up will also have to reflect the theme you have chosen and, therefore, every detail will be studied by experts to represent the established theme.

The lips can be made up with the most varied colors, which is also repeated in the color selection of the eye shadows.

In this specific case, it would be good to research the customs of the occasion you are looking to recreate in order to understand how to make the perfect makeup for the context.

For example, if you want to recreate the 50s theme, you can search for 50s makeup styles on Pinterest and get inspired by the tricks that marked that era.

Finally, remember that you can always choose from many types of wedding day makeup, from natural to romantic and glamorous.

Bridal makeup looks should be appropriate for your complexion, but don’t overdo it either. On the contrary, you should feel comfortable with what you wear. The bride’s skin tone should not make you look too heavy.

You should know that, nowadays, the most recommended is the natural bridal makeup, almost exclusively, to be a fashionable bride.

We know that, even after this reading, you may not feel very sure which one to choose. Don’t forget that you can always go to an experienced professional to get the right advice.


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