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10 steps to obtain a natural makeup

Talking about makeup is to introduce us to an endlessly beautiful world. There are so many facilities and styles that can be created with the necessary tools. It seems even impossible not to get your hopes up with a new highlighter or a base that fits our skin perfectly.

However, for the makeup to look natural we have to do a lot of maneuvers. One of the virtues of makeup is to accentuate the features of the face, while giving life and color.

But sometimes we try to look more casual, light and beautiful, without the makeup being too noticeable. In this article we will focus on this, so you can learn a little more about the techniques to obtain a natural makeup and according to your routine.

Steps to obtain a natural makeup


10 steps to obtain a natural makeupIt’s true that there are many beauty alternatives, but once in a while we want to look natural when we go to work or do everyday things. The problem is when we don’t know how to make our makeup look natural. That’s why at Salon Deauville we tell you about the 10 definitive steps to obtain the best natural makeup.

Step 1: Cleaning, moisturizing and lighting?


The first thing you should consider to make your makeup look as natural as possible is cleansing and moisturizing. It is essential and will not take more than two minutes a day. It will be useless to want a natural makeup if you apply all the elements on a dirty and dehydrated skin.

Also, an important, but not mandatory step to make your skin look much more luminous, is that of the pre-lightening bases. These are used before the base and create a powerful light, which will enhance the other products. This step is not recommended for people with oily skin, but if you can do it, you will achieve amazing effects.

Step 2: Apply base makeup


As you know, base makeup helps skin look better and diminishes the appearance of certain imperfections. For your natural makeup to be a success, you should choose a color similar to your skin tone. In addition, you can mix different base colors to achieve better coverage.

Step 3: Try eye makeup?


That’s right. This prebase, also known as a primer, when properly applied, will fix the shadows and your makeup better, keeping them flawless for longer than usual. To apply the primer, you will have to place it along the eyelid and extend it to your eyebrow bone.

Step 4: It’s time for the corrector


The main function of the corrector is to camouflage the imperfections of the face. To choose one, you must consider only one factor: colors. For the corrector to work for you, it is important that you choose a shade that is the opposite of the defect. This way you will achieve the result you expect.

Many times, concealers are used as a prebase. That’s why it must be applied underneath the makeup. So, when you apply it, you should only concentrate on the areas where you need it. This can be in the tear ducts or around the nose. But, remember: apply it with light strokes. That way you can prevent wrinkles.

Step 5: How many shades should I apply?


To achieve the desired effect, you will only need three matte eye shades. The first, a tone similar to your skin, which you will apply throughout the mobile eyelid to the eyebrow bone; the second, a medium tone, to shape your eyes, which you will apply in the crease in the form of “V”; and finally, an illuminating shadow, which will go in the tear duct and below the eyebrows, to accentuate the other shades.

Step 6: eyelash curler


If we used to use a pre-base of eye makeup, now we have to finish what we started. To do this, we’ll use eyelash curler that, among other things, will make your look stand out. That’s why you’ll have to apply two or three coats, so that you get the natural look you expect. But remember: it’s important that you look for a long-lasting eyelash curler.

Step 7: Apply pencil eyeliner


10 steps to obtain a natural makeup

A black eyeliner, preferably in pencil, is your best option for your natural makeup. To achieve the effect you were looking for, trace three small dots on the inside of your upper lashes. By doing this, you will be able to emphasize your eyes in a subtle and charming way.

But why pencil eyeliner? Because, by drawing only three points, we need something soft and that marks lines very clearly. But remember: when you sharpen it, round it off to prevent it from damaging your skin.

Step 8: Blush


Blush will always be very important, because it brings color to the face.  That’s why, to make your makeup look natural and divine, apply it with a diagonal brush (that adapts to the peculiar shapes of our face), from the temple to the cheek, simulating a “C” all around. Do it, compare it with your usual makeup and you will notice the big difference.

Step 9: highlighter


To almost complete this process, it is important that you apply highlighter in the area of the septum, the top of the cheekbones and the upper lip arch. Achieving the effect of natural light becomes very difficult, because many times we do not know how to proceed when applying illuminator.

However, what we are looking for, with this product, is to make it seem that the light emanates from our face. The illuminator will help us to highlight what we like most, but now in a natural way and according to our needs. That is why, both in the living room and in the boutique you trust, you should verify that the illuminators are first class and, if possible, in cream.

Step 10: beautiful and natural lips


10 steps to obtain a natural makeupAnd, like the cherry on the cake, the lips should never be forgotten. To match your lips with the rest of your makeup, we recommend choosing lighter shades or lip balms. Also, you can opt for matte or semi-matte, leaving aside yellow colors and giving priority to those that resemble the natural color of your lips.

What are the benefits of obtaining natural makeup?


The 10 steps to obtain a natural makeup, presented in this article, can be adapted according to your daily routine. They are recommendations that will help you get what you always wanted. But then, what are the benefits of getting natural makeup?

The main one is the skin is calmer, because you will no longer use layers and layers of makeup. Also, the stiff look left by some make-up procedures will be a thing of the past. And, also, to achieve a flawless, long-lasting effect, you’ll only need the cosmetics you have in your bag.

Taking time for yourself is essential, and at Salon Deauville, we know how much you love beauty care. That’s why we seek to pamper you as you deserve. If you want to get a natural makeup, at Salon Deauville we have everything you need.

We have a wide range of products and experts who will leave your face impeccable. We are your best in Quebec. Dare to look more beautiful with a natural makeup. Contact us, we are pleased to make your dreams come true.


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