How to choose the right make-up base for your skin?

Choosing the right make-up base is not always easy, this simple choice will depend on many characteristics of your skin, but it will also depend on the results you want to achieve with a make-up

As its name says, the base is the foundation of the makeup, on top of which many products will be applied that together will achieve some effect on your skin. An incorrect foundation will damage the entire makeup and give unfavorable results, such as a skin much lighter than our natural color, which in the end will look like a mask. 

If you want to know how to choose your foundation keep reading this article where we will explain step by step everything you need to know.  

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How to choose the right make-up base


How to choose the right make-up base

The first thing you need to know is your skin type and this is going to be essential when buying any product, you are going to put on your face. If you are not sure if your skin is oily, dry, normal or intermediate, you should try applying a small amount of product on your skin. If it’s too heavy or leaves a greasy residue, it’s probably not the right foundation for you. If it is too light, your skin may end up chapped.  

Makeup is tested directly on the face

One thing you should always keep in mind is that no other part of your body has the exact same color as your face. Foundations should not be tried on your arms or the inside of your wrist. You should apply the product directly to your skin.    

How to choose the color of the make-up base? 


How to choose the color of the make-up base

Simple, just choose the color that most closely resembles the tone of your face. Then apply a small amount on your face. If the color blends perfectly with your face it is the right one, if it is much lighter or darker you should choose another shade. Some people need to blend up to two shades of foundation to find the right shade.  

Make-up base for oily skin

These make-up products come in different presentations, each one adapted to the type of skin of the person. The most common presentations are powder, liquid and cream. Most products specify which skin type they are designed for. For example, makeup foundations with a mattifying effect are suitable for oily skin, as well as long-lasting makeup foundations. These make-up foundations usually come in a slightly thicker presentation than usual.  

Powder makeup base

A key product for oily skin is powder foundation. Powder products absorb oil and give the skin a smooth look. It can also cover imperfections and keeps the skin clean and silky. 

Skin care routine to prevent oiliness

Another ideal recommendation for oily skin is to maintain a good face care routine. Preparation prior to makeup is essential for it to last much longer. Use suitable products, cleansing gels and non-greasy products are ideal before applying makeup. 

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What is a mineral makeup base?

Mineral makeup is a new option being implemented in cosmetics. The materials normally used are zinc oxide, iron oxide, titanium dioxide and mica. Precious stones capable of regenerating the skin or stimulating blood circulation are also incorporated.  

Mineral base makeup has many benefits for oily skin as they soothe and absorb oils, plus these products are non-irritating and do not clog pores. 

Application of mineral base makeup

Wondering how to apply base makeup? Makeup foundations with these characteristics are applied on the skin like conventional products. It all depends on the technique that achieves the best coverage, depending on the face. It can be applied with a brush or sponge according to your preference.  

Corrective make-up base


Choosing a makeup base is an important step, that’s why it is necessary to know the types of foundations that exist. We have already mentioned their presentations, but there are also products that offer different results.  

For example, corrective makeup foundations can be used on a daily basis, just take into account the characteristics of your skin. On the other hand, there are also denser foundations that are for long-lasting make-up, such as a wedding or an evening make-up. These types of products are usually used on specific occasions.  

Another point is that if you use a corrective makeup base you can simply cover your imperfections, pimples or blemishes and it is not necessary to use concealer in large quantities. To use only one product that corrects and serves as a base you must play very well with the shades of foundation.

Getting a make-up base for your face is a task to which you have to dedicate enough time or you will end up with unsatisfactory results. Following these small tips will make it much easier to find the right shade and get the product that brings the most benefits to your skin. Makeup base products exist to simplify our lives and give us a better look, we just need to use them wisely.

Remember that at Salon Deauville we have different services for the care of your skin and we also offer wonderful professional makeup for special occasions. All from the hand of a great team of professionals who will achieve the best results. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for your appointment. 


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