The best pedicure ideas 2021

The best pedicure ideas 2021

It’s not just hand care that is important to today’s women. Pedicure ideas 2021 have diversified in such a way that there are artistic and very expressive designs that will be ideal for those who focus on how their feet look. Also, when we talk about foot care, we are not just talking about a polish, we are also talking about all the skin protection, dead skin removal and much more.  

To perform this work and show off feet worthy of catalogs is necessary to have a trained technical team. Only a professional in the area can beautify our feet and take care of their health, remember that this is a delicate area, so even the instruments and their disinfection are essential. From the professionals of Salon Deauville, we will tell you everything you need to know about the new pedicure ideas 2021.

Manicure and pedicure go hand in hand


Manicure and pedicure go hand in hand

As it is already popularly known, feet and hands are part of our presence and many times of our personality. Each person has a different style that expresses it through small aspects, such as the shape of their nails.  

Manicures and pedicures are not only for women. Among the trendy designs there are also those for men, who now take care of their hands, and even apply colored nail polish on their nails. As for their feet, good maintenance keeps them clean and beautiful.  

Trendy pedicure designs 

Pedicure designs can be as varied as manicure designs, it’s all a matter of assessing each client’s preference. Among the 2021 pedicure ideas is the longer nail design. Many times habit leads them to cut their toenails to their minimum level of growth. However, in this season there are clients who prefer to leave them a little longer which gives the sensation of longer and more stylized toes. The use of rings has also begun, which some women like very much.  

Pedicure trends 2021: colors

Although we can assure that the French white does not go out of fashion, pedicure ideas 2021 definitely go beyond the basics. Pastel colors are already a consolidated trend in pedicure 2021. In addition, the most striking or sober colors such as red, black and full white are still among this year’s favorites.  

Toenail colors 2021 even go as far as neon or very extravagant shades. It is not uncommon to see a king blue, fuchsia or fluorescent green on toenails. Also, toenail designs 2021 focus on semi-permanent polish, which makes them brighter and longer lasting.  

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French pedicure ideas

The French pedicure is a classic and classics never go out of style. However, new techniques have been integrated to give more life and color to these designs. Now, the French pedicure is not only white, pink is a color that has taken force in these designs, but also black and pastel colors. It’s all in a good combination of French pedicure designs.

Pedicure ideas 2021: the most sought after.

This year semi-permanent nail polishes have become the most sought after by women. This is due to their shine and durability. We know that time is sacred and many women do not have time to visit the salon weekly, for them there is this option that can be extended up to 15 days. It saves time and money.

Nail colors for semi-permanent pedicure


Nail colors for semi-permanent pedicure

Semi-permanent nail polishes have become very diversified so there is a wide range of colors to choose from. The most sought after are white, red and black. But there are pinks, purples, blues, greens, yellows, oranges and much more. We have the best semi-permanent pedicure colors at Salon Deauville. 

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Toenail polish ideas

Pastel shades are beautiful and look delicate on toenails. Some women choose to put them all the same, others add a bright nail or another color that matches and the truth is that it looks beautiful. There are also the classic designs with sober colors and white French. The larger shiny nail in gold or silver and the others in white tones also look beautiful. Even watercolor designs, which combine several shades, are on trend.  Among the trendy toenail designs is also the incorporation of very subtle rhinestones.  

You already know, if you want to visit a place where they do magic with your feet, Salon Deauville is the right choice. Here we have all the pedicure colors 2021 and our professionals offer the best ideas of beautiful pedicures so that you leave satisfied. Visit us, make your appointment


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