Hair Extensions

Who doesn’t fantasize about having longer hair? Something about long, free-flowing locks represents our free spirits…our wild side.


But let’s be real…long hair can be a lot of work! Luckily hair extensions give you an opportunity to have long hair without all the commitment and hassle. 

The New Age of Hair Extensions in Montreal

Hair extensions have come a long way. They used to be difficult to insert and often looked awkward and unnatural. But these days, you can wear comfortable, natural-looking and well-designed hair extensions for a good price and a luxurious end result.

Our Montreal salon provides hair extension solutions for all types of lifestyles and preferences, with each brand representing the best in the quality department.


Hair Extensions


Hair Extensions


Hair Extensions

Hair extensions available at our Montreal Salon

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Most are familiar with the basics of clip-in hair extensions (also known as clip-in wefts). Simple to insert, we just clip a hair extension to your natural hair, underneath one section at a time. Then clip (or velcro) it closed. Simple right?

These types of hair extensions are fairly fool-proof and low maintenance. They’re also a smart choice if you’re concerned about overall hair health since they require no heat or chemicals to adhere them to the head. Easy to put in, easy to maintain.

Easy to insert, clip-in hair extensions are the perfect choice for those looking for an event-ready hairdo like a wedding or black-tie affair. 

Varieties of clip-in hair extensions include:

     Ponytail Hair Extension

     Skinny Hair Extensions

     Hair Band Extensions

     G.wave Hair Extensions and GeeWig Hair Pieces

     Volume Wefts (clipped under the hair to add overall volume)

Tape-in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions require a little more work than clip-in hair extensions but the end result is equally gorgeous and longer-lasting. These wafts of hair are aligned with your roots and applied with a heating tool to secure them in place. They also require special products to remove them.

The perk of tape-in hair extensions? They last longer, as long as 4 – 8 weeks. The drawback: the glue and heating process can be damaging, especially for fine hair. Consult with your stylist to see if you have the right hair type.

Tape-in hair extensions take one to two hours to insert. Special care is advised, which we detail with you in person. 

Fusion Hair Extensions

This is more of a longer-term hair adhesion process that keeps you in the salon chair a bit longer (luckily we have a delicious bistro where you can sip on coffee or tea!).

Fusion hair extensions are similar to tape-in hair extensions but the fusion type is keratin tipped (instead of glue). Yes, the process takes longer, but you can expect a beautiful head of natural-looking hair that can last up to 6 months (with some maintenance).

Fusion hair extensions can be damaging to your original hair, but only when done incorrectly. Our stylists are highly trained in this technique and perform this process with the utmost care, including detailed instructions on upkeep after you leave the salon.

I-Tip Hair Extensions

This type of hair extension requires no bonding products or hot tools, meaning they’re safer for most types of hair. Small segments of strands are latched into the hair using tiny cylindrical beads, then plied close.

I-Tip hair extensions take relatively little time in the salon (one to one and a half hours) and can last anywhere from 6 – 8 months, depending on upkeep. I-tip extensions are also heat and color-safe, so you can style them any way you want. 

I-Tips are a smart choice if you’re looking for longer-lasting highlights, where thin wafts of lighter hair can be seamlessly blended into your natural strands.

At Salon Deauville, we’ll only use premium human hair for our extensions

Hair Extensions

While synthetic hair extensions get the job done when it comes to adding length and volume, human hair extensions add a natural element that is far superior and blendable. Authentic human hair extensions blend well and are near impossible to differentiate from your own strands. Simply put: synthetic hair extensions often lack the color complexities and depth of natural hair.

How versatile are natural hair extensions?

hair extensions montreal

Natural hair extensions are as adaptable as your own human hair. The styles and color combinations are endless! Synthetic hair (literally) can’t stand the heat. Human hair extensions also last longer (up to a year, with the right maintenance). That’s why we use 100% natural hair extensions only at our Montreal salon.

In our opinion, there’s a hair extension right for just about any woman. Whether you’re looking for fun highlights for your hair (without the damaging effect of bleach), a dramatic look for a vacation or event (clip-ins are perfect for these occasions) or just want to feel like that gal riding off into the sunset, with her hair whipping in the wind, we’ve got what you need!

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