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8 elegant nail designs for the holidays

The manicure has always been an important part of personal grooming. In recent years and with the growing popularity of nail art on social networks, it has become more common to interpret it as a complementary element or an accessory for everyday attire and, as expected, it fulfills this same function on special occasions. 

This fall/winter season will be full of elegant nail designs, in which, as in the last seasons, short nails, cool shades and simple and sophisticated designs will predominate. And, as we are about to enter the holiday season, we are sure you will want to know the main trends to be always in fashion. 

For this we selected eight of our favorite designs, which we show you below, so that in your next appointment with one of our nail artists you can request the design you like the most. Are you ready? 

Let ‘s get started!


1. Inverted French manicure


The French manicure is an elegant nail design that never goes out of style. It consists of applying a tone very similar to the natural color at the base of the nail and decorating the tip with a thin line of white. Over the years the traditional design has been evolving and acquiring new shapes and styles, the reverse French manicure being one of them

This consists of using the base tone as decoration and the tone that we normally use as decoration, as the base tone. Interesting, isn’t it? It is a good option if you want to try a different style, but without losing the elegance of the classic

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2. Transparent nails


Another one of the most popular trends of this year is the transparent nails. This technique consists of covering the natural nail with a layer of colorless acrylic and extending it towards the top, but characterized by being elegant short nail designs.

Some variations of this elegant nail design is to use clear acrylics with a slight touch of color. Likewise, decorations are kept discreet and subtle (if any). 


3. The beauty of the mother-of-pearl effect


If you want to wear an elegant nail design, you can safely go for the minimalist option. A clear sign that minimalism can look amazing is the pearlescent effect that many celebrities made fashionable this fall. 

There are no flaws in the design: it is aesthetic, feminine, elegant and easy to wear. Its subtle sheen will be the envy of all during the upcoming festivities. 

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4. Browns become protagonists


The popularity of nude tones seemed to dissipate at the beginning of the year. The presence of more graphic and elaborate designs, but preserving the look of naturalness that has become fashionable in recent seasons seemed to take all the attention. 

However, this season nude tones are back in the eye of nail art fans, mainly the cool browns in colors that remind us of coffee or chocolate. If contrasted with the same chromatic line and lighter colors such as beiges or off white, you will get an elegant nail design that everyone will envy. 

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5. Baby boomer manicure


The so-called baby boomer was very popular a few years ago and, although it has diminished, it is still among the favorites in Montreal beauty salons. We refer to that elegant nail design that in the part closest to the skin has a concentration of the base color, which as it ascends it fades until it contrasts with a new color, traditionally white. 

The effect is similar to that of a French manicure, but without being strictly one. 


6. Purple and blue continue to be in trend

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Violet and blue tones are two shades that have been in trend since the beginning of the year. Wearing them on your nails also during these holidays will make you look fashionable and above all keep the elegance, but with a touch of creativity and style. 

Show off all the stylish purple nail designs we have for you!

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7. Get a bold look with a few touches of animal print

manicure and pedicure

Stylish animal print nail designs are also a possibility. For this season, if you want to add some discreet glitter or a barely visible decorative element this is a good option for you. 

Ask your nail artist to add your favorite colors, keeping the length and shape of the nail discreet. 


8. Red never goes out of style


Finally, one of the most emblematic colors of the season is undoubtedly red. In addition to being able to achieve elegant nail designs with this color, you can preserve the essence of the holiday season. 

Whether as a base color or as a decoration, any shade of red will look amazing with any outfit you wear, you’ll love the result!


Find the best nail designs at Salon Deauville!


Now that you know our suggestions, it’s time to schedule an appointment

Visit us! We will be waiting for you.



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