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Shellac Nails vs Gel Nails: What is the difference?

Shellac nails were born as an alternative to permanent gels and polishes. This application is usually very durable and since its formula is composed of a traditional varnish and a gel and acrylic varnish, it is said to be gentler to the integrity of the natural nail.

If you’re still not sure whether you should choose a Shellac manicure or a gel manicure, don’t worry! At Salon Deauville we advise you to make the right choice. With that in mind, in this article we present you everything you need to know about Shellac nails and their differences with gel nails.


What is a Shellac manicure?

Shellac manicure is a mixture of different ingredients which are: nail polish and gel, and it will help you get the celebrity manicure look you want.

Its consistency is thinner than most manicures, so it will stay on all day and look great all night.

Plus, with the Shellac manicure, you no longer have to worry about dry, cracked nails chipping.

Shellac manicure is a very popular blend, as it is easy to apply and is available in a wide variety of polish colors.

It has the same feel as traditional polish, but with greater strength and flexibility.

Achieves incredibly strong nails and protects them from the elements. It also provides a shine similar to liquid manicure, but with maximum durability and versatility.


What is the difference between Shellac and gel?


Shellac vs Gel: Unlike acrylic, the gel manicure has a much shinier and natural look. But compared to Shellac, the biggest difference between the two lies in their duration, as many say that gel lasts almost forever, since its removal requires a little more effort. Shellac, on the other hand, lasts between two and three weeks.

The time it takes for the application work is quite similar, so you should schedule your appointment with a considerable time estimate.

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How is a Shellac manicure done?

A shellac manicure is a wonderful way to enhance the appearance of your nails and remove any unsightly or unattractive nail conditions.

The first step in what is a shellac manicure is to apply a natural base coat to your nails.

The base coat will help the color last longer and make the entire process go smoothly.

This all-natural base coat should be applied by a professional technician, not at home.

Shellac manicure usually uses the products that are used to make the nails grow out and last longer are usually stronger than the products used for acrylics.

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What are the materials for a gel or shellac manicure?

To perform a Shellac manicure, you need the same materials you would use for a gel or traditional manicure. The only difference is that a Shellac manicure uses a mixture of gel and acrylic, while a gel manicure requires pure material.

As for the rest, the materials needed are as follows:

Acetone and cotton

It is indispensable when removing the nail polish remains from the previous application. However, depending on the technique used, the way to perform this step will be different.

If it is a regular nail polish, moisten a cotton swab with this liquid and gently slide it over the nails. If it is a gel or acrylic application, it is necessary to leave the cotton pad on the nail for several minutes. At the end, the remains are usually removed with the help of a professional nail drill.

Cuticle care products


Now, for cuticle care it is necessary to implement some products such as:

  • Softening cream
  • Cuticle remover
  • Tweezers, nail scissors or pliers.
  • Moisturizer to place on cuticle area at the end of the procedure.

Nail file and orange tree sticks

The nail file is used to remove any roughness that may result from nail cutting. It is also needed to shape the shellac or gel nail, according to the client’s taste.

Nail gel, ultraviolet lamp and hand moisturizer

Shellac varnish is the one that allows the colors and designs on the nails to have a good duration, in the same way as gel varnishes. Therefore, it requires the drying process to be carried out in a lamp.

In addition to the above, the nails will have a shiny and long-lasting color for longer. When the shellac or gel nails are dry, it is time to apply a hand moisturizer and cuticle oil.


Let us pamper your hands at Salon Deauville

It is an undeniable fact that shellac or gel manicure lasts longer than regular polish, due to the formula of the varnishes used.

One of the main reasons why many people hesitate to have this procedure is because they fear that this process will damage their nails.

However, since its duration can extend up to three weeks, you will be processing your nails less times per year, compared to traditional nail varnishes that do not last more than a week.

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It should be noted that the procedure for a traditional nail polish is basically the same. The only tangible difference is that traditional nail varnishes do not require lamp drying and their duration is clearly shorter.

It is very important that you leave your hands in the hands of experts and at Salon Deauville we have an incredible team of beauty professionals.

Get the perfect nail style, come and visit us!


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