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How to take care of your nails after gel polishing

Toenails and fingernails need constant manicure and pedicure processes to keep them beautiful and with an excellent care through professionals trained in performing each of the existing care techniques.

Our feet and hands are one of the most important parts of our body and are part of our daily presentation, as they represent a customary focal point for most people.

Many times, we are afraid to undergo these processes due to lack of information, advice and care that should be followed before, during and after receiving any manicure or pedicure.

Sometimes, there are multiple options of which we do not know which is the appropriate one according to our skin, nails and all those characteristics that depend on and it is known if it is possible or not to perform this type of aesthetic procedures on a person.

For this reason, it is important for DeauvilleSalon to inform you and to offer our knowledge so that you can obtain and implement different care in any of the aesthetic services you get and to maintain your wellness in a 100%.

In this article, we will try to inform you about the care you should take after the application of gel polish on your nails, so that you can avoid damaging them and prolong their duration while maintaining their aesthetics and shine.

application of gel polish on your nails

5 Tips to take care of your permanent nail polish

With the passage of time, new technologies have allowed more products to exist with greater effectiveness, efficiency and different methodologies that provide more ease or improvements.

In recent years, these technological advances have come to favor the professional area of aesthetics and beauty, renewing all our instruments and improving the products to be used with greater durability and suitable for the diversity of customers who are ready to receive our services.

In nail esthetics, there was always the traditional nail polish and then acrylic nails, but for the different tastes something different was needed and something that will leave the options for the satisfaction of all customers.

The permanent polish came to revolutionize the manicure and pedicure processes, leaving an acrylic-like effect and with a duration with an extension similar to that of any process and method that can be used for your nails.

Since these are new ways to show off your nails, it is necessary to be able to obtain professional advice or information that guarantees all the steps and care that you must follow for a better result.

Therefore, DeauvilleSalon would like to recommend you these 5 tips to take care of your nails after the application of permanent nail polish and avoid any type of affections on your feet and hands.

Make sure that your nails are not too long.

Make sure that your nails are not too long.

When applying permanent polish, the professional will trim your nails to make his work more effective and efficient and to avoid any kind of cracks and breaks that may affect the work and a good visualization of your nails.

In the same way, permanent nail polish has an average durability of two to three weeks, but for this to last the maximum time, you must watch the growth of your nail and if it is too accelerated, you need to be able to go to the salon.

This way you will be able to guarantee a longer durability, since in the permanent nail polish the length is important when you have weak nails and you will avoid that the nail polish will lift and may cause injuries due to not giving the necessary care.

Moisturize your hands three times a day.

After applying the gel polish, you should use good quality products that moisturize the cuticle and around your nails to prevent dryness so that your fingers can look great and complete.

Although moisturizing should be a daily routine even without the gel polish, but if you don’t do it, we recommend that you start doing it after this application and you will be able to show off the design and color of your nails as it is.

Avoiding processes that weaken your nails

After undergoing a process such as the application of permanent nail polish, you must keep your nails well cared for without subjecting them to other types of applications that can cause damage.

When your nails have a permanent polish, it will be enough of a process for you to achieve the aesthetics and shine you desire. The only thing recommended to use are moisturizers, otherwise; no other product.

In this way you will ensure that nothing will damage the work done professionally on your nails and you will not run the risk at any time that other types of processes come and perform a look contrary to what you wanted to obtain.

Make sure your nails do not come into contact with chemicals

You should not expose yourself to any product that deteriorates or weakens your nails, as this can be very harmful and have consequences. Therefore, it is important that you do your part by taking care of yourself.

Thus, you can count on the necessary security for your nails and be able to keep them in a good condition and they will last a long time as long as they are elaborated by good professionals like DeauvilleSalon.

In this way, you can count on a good job and the circumstances outside the chemicals, can not produce cracking effects or peeling of the enamel, as well as a good application of the same.

Have your permanent nail polish removed by a professional

Likewise, as you looked for a professional for its application, you must go to a professional to remove the permanent enamel and avoid accidents that can be caused by imprudence.

Because it is a permanent polish, it adheres strongly to the nail and therefore it is necessary that trained professionals can help you so that you can not damage yourself alone.

They will apply different products to remove everything completely so that your nail remains intact or so that you can reapply another type of permanent polish.

That’s why DeauvilleSalon offers you this and other beauty and esthetic services, all in one place. DeauvilleSalon is always characterized by its trained staff and a perfect and ideal work for all our customers.

Have your permanent nail polish removed by a professional

We seek the welfare of each one, doing our best in our work and being able to obtain positive comments from satisfied customers for all our services offered.

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