Why is the groom's hairstyle equally important

Why is the groom’s hairstyle equally important?

Looking for the best groom’s hairstyle to stand out on your big day and match the beautiful bride? At Salon Deauville you will find everything you need and much more about hair care and color for the groom.

To get the best men’s haircut, there are three things you need to know right away: plan ahead, make sure it’s the right style for you and the occasion, and leave your hair in the hands of experienced professionals.

Planning your groom’s hairstyle should be done well in advance, this is because you will need your hair to have the right volume to get the wedding hairstyles you are looking for.

If you’ve taken to the task of peeking on Pinterest, to see the latest fashions that are currently being worn, you’ve probably been won over by some very striking casual styles, but you must remember that you’re looking for a groom’s hairstyle!

In other words, a hairstyle with class and elegance. You need a haircut that suits the occasion and enhances the favorable aspects of your face.

For this reason, it is best to turn to experienced professionals. At the best beauty salon in Montreal, Salon Deauville, we will know how to give you good guidance and help you look better than ever on your big day.

Here are some tips to give you a better idea of what to consider when choosing the perfect groom hairstyle and the different men’s haircuts you’ll find.

Groom hairstyles with short hair


Groom hairstyles with short hair

The groom’s hairstyle with short hair usually triumphs, regardless of the fashions of the moment. This is due to elegance, but also for more practical reasons.

Short hair not only dries quickly after a shower, but can also be styled more easily with various hair care products. That way, you get better results for short wedding hairstyles.

In addition, short hairstyles change from year to year, but in 2021 they have positioned themselves as the biggest men’s wedding hairstyle trend of recent times.

Until recently, short symmetrical hairstyles and other types of hipster shaves have been more prominent in groom’s styles. Nowadays, the top area of the hair is used a bit more.  

Longer hair – on top only – allows for a wide variety of hairstyles. This style is achieved by combing the top back with gel for a sleek, well-groomed wet look.  

Groom hairstyles with long hair

Long hair on men denotes a timeless appeal. Wearing the hair this way frames the face, gives a mysterious look and offers the groom a seductive and intriguing, movie-star style look.

But how to tame a long mane for such an important occasion, what would be the professional recommendations in these cases, or what wedding hairstyle ideas are there for this style?

This year, long wedding hairstyles do not go against the most popular trends, as long as they are worn with a matching beard. We will discuss this topic in more detail in the next point.

In general, with long hair you should keep a natural style; moving the hair back to leave the forehead free, and enhance the look. The length of the groom’s haircut varies according to personal preference and the time you want to devote to your hair care.

The best choice for a groom’s hairstyle is a classic haircut such as a bob cut for men. Remember that the choice should be made based on the type of hair. That is, if it is curly, straight or wavy, and also, based on the look you want to achieve.

Groom hairstyles with beard


Groom hairstyles with beard

If you hear that you should shave for your wedding day, don’t listen! The beard is a masculine feature that can complement the whole occasion very well. You just have to know how to wear it and make it match the groom’s hairstyle.

The key to matching a hairstyle with a beard lies in the shape of your face. In this article about beards and faces, you can learn how to choose the best for you. So, here are some recommendations:

Square-shaped face

If your face has a square shape, you will need to wear a long beard of a few inches to wrap around your face and soften your features. A hairstyle of the same height as the beard will help you to slim your features and get a good groom’s hairstyle.

Elongated countenance

On the other hand, with a more elongated countenance you can opt for a careless beard. That is, the classic beard after three days without shaving.

In these cases, keep it short, otherwise you run the risk of further emphasizing the contours and elongated shape of the face. Excessive length should be avoided, especially in the chin area.

Round face

For rounder features, a hairstyle that covers your neck is best. Unlike the previous case, this time it will give you an elongated effect that will create a great angularity.

Of course, in each of these cases it is important to combine with a great hairstyle that can keep your appearance impeccable. However, remember to always visit a barbershop for great men’s grooming.  

Why is the groom’s hairstyle equally important?

Because the hairstyle you wear highlights your new image and personality. That said, the main goal is to look as perfect as possible for your occasion. There is no doubt that beautiful and healthy hair contributes greatly to a person’s beauty. Therefore, you should make sure to keep your hair as healthy and clean as possible.

Visit the best hair salon in Montreal

We hope this information has been useful to you and we extend our solemn congratulations on your future nuptials, best wishes!

At Salon Deauville, making you look your best for your big day, is our priority. Now that you know the best tips to choose the best groom hairstyle, book your appointment on our website. Find out about all our available promotions.

You can also visit us at 4048 Jean Talon Ouest, Montréal, Québec H4P 1V5 and bring a groom hairstyle photo to our team, so they can make the wedding haircut according to your preferences. Get the best hairstyle for men 2021 with Salon Deauville! 


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