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The top 10 beard styles for 2022

Many of the beard styles that appeared in the late 2000s have prevailed over the years. In the beginning, we all thought it would be nothing more than a passing fad. 

However, if we look at the facts, many artists and celebrities model their beards with pride. And, rather than being part of a temporary style, the man with a long beard has become the “ideal model” for many.  


How to choose a beard style for men?

A man who knows how to style and style his beard will always steal everyone’s attention. It should be remembered that a large part of personal attractiveness is often measured by facial grooming. In this sense, many men choose to grow a beard and groom it in a way that flatters their natural attributes.

However, when choosing a beard style for men, you should be very careful. While a clean-shaven face can radically change your appearance, a poorly groomed beard will do just the opposite.

So, if you don’t want to look older or have a disproportionate face, don’t go for just any haircut. The ideal is to find the right style for your bone structure. But how do you know?

Dare to renew your image this 2022! At Salon Deauville, the most prestigious beauty salon in Montreal, we will explain everything you need to know about the different beard styles, so you can choose the best. 

Let’s get started!


How to define the perfect beard style?

define the perfect beard

Before deciding on a particular beard style, the first thing you should do is to recognize your face type. The proper way is to stand in front of a mirror and study your dimensions in detail. If you are not sure how to do this, the best option is to go directly to a beard and hair care expert. 

You will need to study the proportions of your forehead, jawline, chin and cheekbones. Only in this way will you know how to work properly with your facial hair. 

In this regard, there are different face types that will determine your ideal beard style depending on the length or width of your face. The face types are:

  1. Round face: the width of the jaw and forehead have similar measurements, as well as the length of the cheekbones. The angles are soft and less defined.


  1. Oval face: the length of the face is longer. The forehead and jaw have similar measurements, but smaller than the cheekbones. The angles are curved.


  1. Square face: all measurements are more or less similar. The angle of the jaw is sharp and pronounced.


  1. Heart-shaped face: the forehead is longer than the cheekbones and jaw. The chin is very pointed.


  1. Rectangular face: the length of the face is longer. The forehead, cheekbones and jawline are of similar size.


  1. Diamond face: the length of the face is prominent and the measurement descends from the cheekbones to the jawline. The chin is pointed.


  1. Triangular face: the jawline is longer than the cheekbones and forehead.


Trendy beard styles for 2022

If you have already decided to stop using the razor for a while and have managed to define your face type, it’s time to choose your beard style for this 2022. 

For 2022, the predominant beard styles will be low and discreet cuts, giving prominence to the mustache or chin line. The famous lumberjack beard will not be worn as much, but other long beard styles will remain.

Let’s get started!


1. Stubble 



Popularly known as the “three-day beard” or “five o’clock shadow”. This beard style is perfect if you’ve grown your beard for the first time.

Try using Davines Pre-Shaving & Beard Oil to moisturize and soften the hair after shaving. This will result in more even growth. 

2. Short beard

This is a variation of the previous style. Together they form two of the most elegant and flattering styles for everyone, with the difference that the short beard allows for more length in the facial hair.

Because it is a relaxed beard style it is not difficult to maintain. This does not mean that it should be neglected in the facial care routine. 


3. Balbo or anchor beard

This beard style is characterized by incorporating a pronounced mustache and a section of hair below the lower lip, extending across the chin, following a short line across the jaw. 

The famous actor Robert Downy Jr. has popularized this style.

4. Imperial

This is one of the quintessential French beard styles. If the beard is part of your personal style, moving to this level will not be a problem. 

The imperial cut is a bolder and more daring type of beard. Playing with the length and thickness of the facial hair, it is ideal for very bushy beards. In addition, the particular touch is given by the curly mustaches upwards. 

Remember that the thicker the beard, the more maintenance it will require. The men’s favorite product for its incredible nourishment, healing action and spectacular aroma is BEARD OIL by pacinos. 


5. Beardstache

This is a beard style popularized in recent years by actors like Henry Cavill. It consists of a pronounced mustache, with a beard blurred on the cheeks and jawline. 


6. Chevron

In appearance, it is a very similar style to the previous one. A prominent mustache and a stubble or completely shaved beard style. Like the beardstache, they give the appearance of a retro style that harkens back to the eighties.

Beard without mustache 

On the contrary, this 2022, many have decided to wear a beard without a mustache, because it is a youthful style. There are many variations: padlock, vertical stripe, horizontal stripe, etc. 


7. Van Dyke

In the Van Dyke style, the cheeks are completely shaved and only the mustache and chin line protrude. We have seen it for years in all its forms, on celebrities like Johny Deep, David Beckham or Leonardo DiCaprio.


8. Verdi

Men with a gray beard look great with the Verdi style! Its composition is quite simple: a long mustache with pointed ends and a medium-length beard that is very well styled. With a Verdi style beard you will never go unnoticed.

9. Viking beard

The Viking beard is characterized by thick, dense and long hair. In recent years it has become popular and has become part of the personal style of many men. 

Viking beard styles often feature decorations such as beads or simple hairstyles such as three-strand braids. For a wilder style, it will be enough to comb the hair very well, in order to avoid knots and tangles.

Ask your stylist for advice on how to use beard care oil for deep maintenance at home


10. Curly beard

The curly beard style is one of the most complicated for men. The hairs grow in a spiral shape and have a considerable thickness, which gives room for fluffiness or a messy look.

This type of beard requires more care to prevent the hairs from tangling or drying out. For this reason, we recommend using moisturizing oils and toothed brushes for better handling.

How to shape your beard correctly?

To highlight your facial features, you must find the style that best suits your anatomy. Therefore, with prior knowledge of your face type and the incorporation of facial care products, achieving the goal of becoming one of those handsome men with a beard will be easier.


Discover the best beard styles at Salon Deauville

Taking care of your facial hair is essential to maintaining an impeccable beard style. For this reason, getting the right products such as oils, brushes and shavers is essential.


Maintaining an aesthetic beard involves a lot of effort, trial and error, until you find the perfect style for your face. In addition, with the help of a professional barber’s advice, you can learn how to take care of your beard at home.


If you want to achieve an attractive look in a practical and uncomplicated way, Salon Deauville is your solution! We are the best barber shop in Montreal, our professionals will do wonders for your beard, mustache and face!


Visit us!


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