Sweet Paris the best French nails at Salon Deauville

Sweet Paris the best French nails at Salon Deauville

So you like French nails? Well, you’ve come to the right place. At Salon Deauville we want to cater to that desire for natural beauty that you want to show off on your fingers.

The modern French manicure is used to give charm and personal care to the fingernails and toenails. In other words, to hide the after-effects of everyday work.

And while these treatments could be done at home, with ingredients you have in the kitchen or with preparations for home use, salon care is unsurpassed.

The professionals at Salon Deauville know how to recognize the type of product that best suits your skin, apply them skillfully to get you well groomed, and finally, without the need for extra house cleaning or grease stains in the bathroom.

Want to know how we work? Read on to learn the steps of a luxury french manicure and pedicure.


The French nail styles of Salon Deauville

The French manicure, besides being the most popular form of nail grooming, is also one of Salon Deauville’s oldest and most sought-after forms.

Since its inception it has always maintained a distinctive classic look, but over time variations have appeared within the same style.

Here are a few examples:

The classic French manicure

The classic French manicure look involves a pure white part on top, and a soft pink color on the rest of the nail.

This type of manicure is usually done on a square nail shape, but it also works on an oval and almond shape.

If you like an understated yet elegant look on your nails, then the salon guarantees that this manicure is ideal for you.

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French manicure in color

Lately, the white part that implied a French manicure, has been replaced by modern colors from the fashion world.

Therefore, yellow, green and red nails are now the most popular. Our expert manicurists will know how to guide you as to which colors are the most fashionable.

Nail treatment with sequins

Sequins are not only popular in makeup, but also in nail art fashion.

This nail treatment is very youthful and best suited for winter with a festive mood.

The manicurists at Salon Deauville will know the perfect occasion for this style.

Subtle pattern nail treatment

If you like the classic French manicure more, but want a more subtle pattern decoration, we at Salon Deauville have the perfect alternative for you.

A subtle pattern can be placed or drawn on one nail of each hand, which would elevate the manicure to a higher level, with unparalleled originality.

Subtle pattern nail treatment

Manicure and pedicure

In general, and before moving on to the esthetic part, these treatments consist mainly of massaging, shaping and decorating the nails.


Hand massage improves circulation and relaxes muscle tension, while a manicure performed with the help of various lotions stimulates nail growth, flexibility and the maintenance of optimal moisture levels.

The level of moisture in the nails is very important, because they crack very easily in case they are not sufficiently hydrated.

Therefore, it is important that you go for regular manicures at Salon Deauville, in order to provide the necessary protection to your nails.

In addition to being primarily designed to maintain the beauty of your nails and hands, a manicure also prevents the development of various infections and provides conditions for the health of your hands and nails.


On the other hand, pedicure is a similar treatment, except that, it is designed for foot care. Professional pedicure as a treatment is one of the most demanded services at Salon Deauville.

Today, it is so common that it is almost considered part of the ritual by which basic personal hygiene is maintained.

The regular pedicure maintains personal hygiene and a beautiful appearance of the feet, but also prevents various deformities and diseases characteristic of the feet.


The French manicure and pedicure is elegant and classic. At Salon Deauville your hands and feet are treated in the same way as during a regular manicure and pedicure.

The main difference is in the shades of nail polish applied: the French manicure is characterized by coatings in neutral and airy colors, such as light white or pale pink on the entire nail.

As a final step: white polish is drawn on the tips of the nails. This style of manicure and pedicure mimics and enhances the look of basic nails, giving it a unique touch of natural beauty.

Your feet and hands, i.e. your nails, deserve not only basic aesthetic care, but also special health care because they are your main support for all the activities of the day.

Salon Deauville uses modern and quality products, which guarantee that your feet and hands look beautiful, well-groomed and attractive.

Believe me, beautiful hands and beautiful feet are not a matter of happy circumstances, but of systematic and continuous care, and at Salon Deauville we take that very seriously.


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