10 pink french manicure ideas
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10 pink french manicure ideas

The French manicure is simply beautiful and, for a couple of years now, many girls have been demanding it at Salon Deauville. Today, the various nail color changes have gradually broadened the definition of French manicure so the blank part on top is no longer just that color. As long as a good contrast can be applied it will be a French manicure. Currently we have pink French manicure, blue French manicure and even nude French manicure.

These nail arrangements are based on simple, clean and no frills designs. It is very attractive and suitable for all girls, as it has a discreet sense of high quality.

But how are these beautiful nails designed? In this article we will teach you everything you need to know about the French manicure and especially the pink French manicure so you can join this new trend.

Discover the modern French manicure

Many of us know the French manicure as the white line on the edge of the nail. This style is very elegant and discreet, but has been modernized over time. The French manicure can be done on both natural and acrylic nails. Also, in this age where acrylic French nails can have different structures and shapes, colorful French nails have taken center stage.

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Colored French manicure

We already said it, white is behind us and now we can choose colorful French manicure. What are the most used colors? Taking into account that girls who come to Salon Deauville for a French manicure want a discreet and elegant design, they usually go for the pink French manicure.  

This design uses a pale pink to border the client’s nail and we also use a very light base to create a fun and elegant contrast. However, we have more daring girls who wear neon French nails tips. This model is an eccentricity as it glows in the dark. The effect on the edge can be achieved with semi-permanent paints sealed with UV lamp or with acrylic powders and pigments. This model is very trendy, especially in the stiletto nail style.  

How French colored nails are made

How French colored nails are made

To have this beautiful set of nails Salon Deauville’s manicurist recommends the following steps:

  • Apply a coat of primer evenly over the nail surface and let it dry completely.
  • Dip an adequate amount of white nail polish. You can also apply other effects for pink French tips or other French nail designs.
  • Then brush from left to right to draw the front edge of the nail.
  • After the polish, on the front edge of the nails, is slightly dry, repeat the third step and apply another coat of polish to trim any uneven parts.
  • After the polish on the front edge of the nail is completely dry, apply a coat of polish to the nail surface.

Does the technique work for short French nails?

This question is very common in the salon and the truth is that the French manicure 2021 is so versatile that it can be applied on short nails. All it takes is a good manicure that unifies and outlines the nails to then make a pink, white or even black French manicure. Even those with short nails can join the 2021 French nail trend and try a neon pigment. 

French pastel manicure: a super beautiful option

French pastel manicure

Other alternatives to the traditional French or pink French manicure are pastel colors. This season these colors are in trend and we can see them in shoes and clothes. The same elegance can be expressed on your nails. These French nail designs can use purple, pink, yellow or green, all these shades in their light versions to make pastel colors.  

A tip for colored nails in pastel colors is that you can use a different French manicure on each nail and we promise you that they look super beautiful and discreet. On one finger you could use a pink French manicure, on another a purple one and so on with each line you choose. 

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How to combine the pink French manicure

Pink French nails can be combined with different shades at the base of the nail. Commonly a very light pink is used for the base, a cream or off-white color can also be used. But for an eye-catching design you can also use a completely white base with a pink tip.

French manicure ideas

Both the pink French manicure and the traditional French manicure can be combined with other designs. For example, we can use a French manicure on four nails and combine a design, such as a flower, on another nail to make it stand out.  

Other examples are themed nails. We can wear coffin French nails, for example, to match any season. This design is used more on long nails and is a type of French style that is applied on the edges and the tip is coffin style to create the effect. This style can be done with nail polish or with tips or stickers. Of these there are red, white, black French tips or as the client prefers.  

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The best manicure at Salon Deauville 

As we have already seen, French nail design is very varied nowadays. We can go from a white or pink French manicure to a red French manicure without losing our essence and elegance. We also discovered that we can wear French manicure on short nails and even nails with different color tips. All these styles are available at Salon Deauville from the most experienced professionals in the market.  


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