Lash lift and tint All that you need to know
Beth Mann
Beth Mann

Lash lift and tint: All that you need to know

Did you know that long eyelashes can offer you beauty and youth? That’s right, that’s why lash lift and tint is so popular in beauty salon services. More and more women want to frame their face and get a more feminine look wherever they go.

However, in order to get the desired lashes, most people decide to opt for false eyelashes or mascara, but their results are momentary.Fortunately, these are not the only methods that exist, as there is also the eyelash tint and lift, a treatment that will change your life. Do you want to know more about it?  Continue reading.

The presence of eyelash lift and tint

The presence of the eyelash lift and tint has caused a lot of commotion among women who wish to keep their natural eyelashes. It is known that false eyelashes, although they are an accessible and very practical method, are not long lasting and even less natural, since with a simple wash they disappear.

Another method to lengthen eyelashes is mascara. Besides being a beauty product that completes the makeup, women choose to use it to provide more color and lift to the lashes. Unfortunately, mascara has too many flaws, among them are clumps, dye stains around the eye, short duration and can even leave the eyelashes too stiff and cause them to fall.

All that is enough to make us think twice about what products we are applying to our eyelashes and what other methods work best for us. But we don’t have to go far, in fact, beauty salons now have eyelash lifting and tinting available.

What is eyelash lifting?

An eyelash lift is essentially a perm for the eyelashes. A chemical solution is applied that goes from the root of the lashes and is “fixed” into a curved shape, this is done in order to stretch even the shortest lashes. Tint can also be added to the process, especially if you have a pale eyelash tint (as blonde women tend to do, for example).

But how long does the lash lift and tint last? The duration is about an hour and the results can last up to 8 weeks. Most estheticians suggest visiting your salon for a follow-up at this stage, where the new lashes are touched up.

If you want to know in depth the result of the eyelash lift and tint before and after, then read our article: Eyelash Lifts – Beyond (and Better than) Mascara.

The Benefits of an Eyelash Lift and Tint


Lift and tint eyelashes are procedures that permanently curl and color the eyelashes. For many, this cosmetic process replaces mascara indefinitely. For others, a mascara curl and tint reduces their makeup routine, making it a fantastic option for a busy woman.

However, the best option is an eyelash lift, as the process increases the thickness, length and darkness of your lashes by 80 to 100 percent. In addition, you only need to make one appointment for the lash lift and tint, then, over a period of time, you can visit the salon for touch-ups.

What other benefits are there? You don’t have to worry about using mascara or curlers every morning, but you can still use it if you wish. It is one of the treatments that does not require a lot of care and you will not feel pain during the process.

Finally, eyelash lifting and tinting does not affect the growth process or the loss of eyelashes at any time. Therefore, once you experience this treatment you will only get long, healthy and beautiful lashes.

What is the care after eyelash lifting?


Every treatment has its indications for before and after the process, and lash lift and tint is no exception. If you want the procedure to be successful and enjoy enviable eyelashes, follow these care tips:

  • Avoid getting your eyes wet, as well as being in a hot or very humid environment.
  • Don’t use mascara for 24 hours (although you won’t really need it).
  • You can apply some oils, such as coconut oil, on your eyelashes from time to time to keep them well hydrated.
  • Avoid using makeup remover near your eyes, otherwise the lash lift and tint will be short-lived.
  • Also try not to crush your eyelashes intentionally. For example, avoid sleeping on them or placing an object that affects that part.

What is the price of lash lift and tint?

The price of lash lift and tint can vary depending on the salon you choose to visit, however, prices range from $60 to $120. However, prices range from $60 to $120. In the case of Salon Deauville, eyelash tinting and lifting comes in at $110, but most of our clients like to do a combo of lifting and microblading so they don’t have to worry about makeup anymore.

Is the eyelash tint and lift worth it?

If you want to avoid spending on mascara and false eyelashes for a while, of course it’s worth it. With lash lift and tint, you are also contributing to their natural growth and not damaging them. So, you no longer have to worry if your lashes have fallen out, if you have smudged your eyes or if they look uneven.

Get your eyelash lift and tint in Montreal with Salon Deauville

For quality eyelash lift and tint, visit Salon Deauville. Our team is made up of the best beauty professionals, therefore, we guarantee healthy and beautiful eyelashes for you to show off wherever you go.

You can visit our location at 4048 Rue Jean-Talon O, Montréal, QC H4P 1V5, Canada or follow us on our social networks. Get to know all our promotions and also experience the best attention to your person. The best lash lift and tint Montreal you will find with Salon Deauville!


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