Explore a world of stunning hair color with our expert hair colorists. From warm brunettes and sun-kissed blonde hair to head-turning auburn hair, we offer a variety of techniques to achieve your dream shade. Find your perfect hair colorist near you and say goodbye to boring hair!

Unleash your hair color dreams! We specialize in all shades, from brunette hair to blonde hair. Want to be a redhead? We’re experts in red hair color too! Feeling bold? Explore fashion-forward shades and hair color melting techniques with our stylists. Book a consultation


A variety of blonde hair colors offers endless possibilities for your look. From golden honey blonde to icy platinum blonde, our hair colorists will match your skin tone perfectly. There are also warm caramel blonde and subtle ash blonde. Whether it’s the radiant warm blonde or the elegance of cool blonde, we’ll pair you with just the right shade for you. 

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Brunette Hair Color

A diverse range of brown hair colors awaits you at our Montreal salon, each with its distinct charm. From deep mahogany to warm chestnut and velvety caramel, there’s also rich chocolate brown and subtle ash brown hair colors. Whether intense or soft, these hair hues cater to individual styles and personalities.

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A captivating array of non-traditional and unconventional hair colors awaits you at our Montreal salon. From vibrant aqua hair color to bold purple to electric blue, our hair color professionals bring it on. Then there’s the soft pastel pink to fiery orange, radiating warmth and energy. The possibilities are endless!

Whether it’s the bold statement of unconventional shades or the soft subtlety of pastels, non-traditional hair colors provide a fun palette for your artistic expression. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About HAIR COLOR

Hair color can potentially cause minimal damage to your hair but with proper care and professional application, it can be minimized.

Today's deposit-only hair color products often include nourishing ingredients to help maintain hair health, making them gentler on your strands than ever before.

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Its time to break the myth that dirty hair is better before getting your hair colored. Clean hair will color better with more uniform results, better gray coverage and increased longevity. Hair that is not cleaned is only appropriate if you are doing a global lightening with lightener.

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Hair color can turn orange or copper over time due to several factors, including exposure to sunlight, water minerals (pools and even water in your home) and the natural oxidation process. This can cause the underlying warm tones in the hair to become more prominent, resulting in an orange or coppery appearance. 

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Hair dye or hair color can't penetrate the scalp and reach the hair follicle, so it doesn't cause hair loss. 

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Permanent hair color penetrates the hair shaft and lasts until new hair grows, covering gray hair for longer-lasting results. Demi-permanent color doesn't penetrate as deeply and gradually fades over time. Semi-permanent color sits on the hair's surface and washes out after several shampoos, providing a temporary color change.

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At our Montreal salon, we gladly offer free color consultations where we examine your skin tone and pair you with a complimentary color. Our hair colorists are highly skilled and well-versed when it comes to matching your skin tone (and personality) with the right color. 


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Choosing the right hair color to complement your complexion involves understanding undertones.

For cool undertones, hair colors with ash or cool tones like platinum blonde, ash brown or cool blacks tend to flatter.

Warm undertones go well with shades like golden blonde, warm brown or copper, adding warmth and vibrancy.

Neutral undertones offer versatility, allowing a wide range of hair colors to complement the complexion without clashing with undertones.

Understanding your complexion's undertones can help you select hair colors that enhance your natural beauty and create a harmonious overall look. If you're unsure, book a consultation at our Montreal salon.  

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At the risk of sounding immodest, we're quite proud of our top-shelf hair colorists. They are highly trained and well-reviewed. But more than their abilities, we also choose the best products on the haircare market, ensuring rich and long-lasting colors for months. 


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For covering gray hair well, permanent hair color formulas are often the best option. Permanent hair color penetrates the hair shaft and lasts until new hair grows in, providing longer lasting coverage for gray hairs. A

Choosing a hair color that closely matches your natural shade can also help achieve seamless coverage and blend in with any remaining non-gray hairs.


Salon Deauville, located at 4048 Rue Jean-Talon O, Montréal, QC H4P 1V5, offers expert hair color, color meltin and balayage services in Montreal and the surrounding areas. Book here. 


An enchanting array of red hair colors awaits at our Montreal salon, each with its own unique charm. From fiery crimson to rich auburn to vibrant cherry red, our hair colorists will match you perfectly. Then there’s deep burgundy and soft strawberry blonde, with its unique hues.

Whether bold and vibrant or soft and subtle, red hair colors offer a diverse spectrum to suit every individual’s style and preference.

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