Ash Balayage – Where to Get This Popular Balayage in Montreal

While balayage is one of the most popular hair color treatments at our Montreal salon, there are certain shades that are having their heyday, namely Ash Balayage. Ash balayage skillfully combines both balayage and grey hues to create a distinctly unique and becoming end result.

Ash balayage first gained traction as one of the biggest 2017 hair color trends on Pinterest though we saw it trending even before that. But ash balayage become a more requested type of balayage from 2019 onward.

What is Ash Balayage?

Ash balayage is a combination of lighter, ashy tones (blended with darker ash or other shades) to leave the hair looking almost a blend of a silvery-grey shade. Similar to the original balayage, roots remain dark before the color becomes lighter and lighter descending the head, finishing in ash blonde and/or grey tones on the ends.

Why is Ash Balayage so Popular?

Ash balayage is so popular for two reasons. One, in the last decade, gray hair has become more than just acceptable but celebrated with even 20-somethings “going gray” with the use of muted, ash and gray shades. Two, balayage has been popular since its inception decades ago. Combine the two? And you have a new favorite balayage!

How much is Ash Balayage?

Balayage prices can range depending on the length of your hair and the specific level of treatment you require. You are always welcome to stop by our Montreal salon and get a consultation for exact pricing.

Below is a video of a balayage treatment at our Montreal salon. While its not an ash balayage, it shows the attention we give to make sure the end result is blended to perfection.




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