yellow finger nail polish with plaid nail art
Beth Mann
Beth Mann

Yellow Nail Polish for a Summer Splash on your Fingertips

yellow nail polish manicure with nail art

We’d love to tell you that yellow nail polish is hot this summer but frankly, it’s been hot for many summers. But there are some caveats before you put your fingers forward.

How to Choose the Right Yellow Nail Polish for You.


Yellow fingernails get a LOT of attention. There is hardly a shade of nail polish that grabs more eyes than yellow nail polish. For some people, they love the extra attention. But if you’re a bit more subdued or understated, you might want to pass on yellow and move on to a more muted summer shade. Or go with a soft, buttery shade of yellow with less punch.

Yellow fingernails are the perfect canvas for nail art. Because of yellow’s noticeability, nail artwork really stands out. (Who can forget Rhianna’s smiley-faced nail polish). If you have an amazing nail technician who you really admire, give him/her the opportunity to showcase their abilities to the fullest.

Yellow nail polish shades matter. If you’re the type who looks washed out wearing yellow, then think again before donning yellow nail polish. The wrong shade of yellow can make the skin on your hands and arms look sallow or sickly. Luckily, there is most likely the right shade of yellow for you. Let one of our nail technicians show you our wide array of yellow shades and choose one that compliments your skin tone.

Yellow nail polish is super upbeat and cheery. If you tend to wear dark shades, even in summer, yellow nail polish offers a lively burst of color to your outfit. Summer is here and your choice of cosmetic colors should reflect it. And don’t forget: no one looks at your hands more than you do. Why not boost your own spirits? You deserve it!

Still unsure if yellow is right for you? Our Montreal manicurists are happy to offer a quick consultation. If you’re interested in nail art to adorn your new yellow fingernails, several of our technicians are highly skilled, creating designs that are unique, captivating and beautiful.

And don’t forget to grab some hand cream and nail oil from Deauville shop to keep your hands looking amazing all summer.

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yellow nail polish manicure with nail art

yellow nail polish manicure with nail art


yellow nail polish manicure with nail art


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