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Beth Mann
Beth Mann

Vagheggi 75-15 – Luxe Skincare Products from Italy

There is traditional skincare. There’s all-natural skincare.

And then there’s Vagheggi, an Italian skincare company that strives for the utmost in fresh, natural and restorative ingredients combined in a uniquely synergistic manner for an incredible end result.

Simply put, Vagheggi skincare goes that extra mile, made with such exquisite care and forethought, it stands in its own category.

According to The Life of Laura blog:


Vagheggi is an Italy skincare brand that uses completely natural cosmetics and phytocosmetics. Changing up the tradition of natural cosmetics with the most advanced technologies, their concept of ‘unique’ is based on a selection of raw materials based on their geographic origins, concentration of their active ingredients, seasonality and harvesting method. There is a thorough and meticulous selection process, with each ingredient and element chosen with a specific product or need in mind. In other words, a choice of qualitative excellence that refuses standardisation.

Vagheggi ~ a perfect fit for women with mature skin.


So many products for aging skin use ingredients that can be drying or toxifying to the skin (think of the dreaded “parfum” snuck into so many skincare products…cheap perfume on your face!). Mature skin needs restorative and natural ingredients that boost collagen, protect the dermis from free radical attack and provide UV protection.

The Vagheggi 75-15 Series


The main ingredients of the 75-15 series target mature skin specifically. But more than just rejuvenate and moisturizes, several of the products in this series create a taut yet gentle lifting effect.

“The valuable active ingredient made from Pistacia lentiscus resin crystals, used in the 75.15 line formulas, increases synthesis of the Klotho protein in the fibroblasts, actually creating the best conditions for skin longevity. The 75.15 line is the latest frontier in cosmetology, the perfect synergy of active ingredients from nature that work on the genetic codes in nature itself.”

We are so proud to carry a wide variety of Vagheggi products at our Montreal salon. If you’re looking for a holiday gift to wow a special woman in your life, consider this. Once people use their skincare products, they never go back.

Not sure what Vagheggi skincare product is right for you? Contact us. We’re happy to guide you.

Highlights from the Vagheggi 75-15 Series

(all available at our Montreal salon)


Vagheggi 75-15 – Luxe Skincare Products from Italy
Vagheggi Face Cream Sorbet, Exfoliant Visage Face Scrub and Intensive Eye Contour Cream
Vagheggi 75-15 – Luxe Skincare Products from Italy
Vagheggi Face Treatment Kit includes: Lifting day cream, 30ml Plumping massage, 75ml Royal face mask, 27gr sachets Activating solution, 500ml Intensive eye contour, 1ml Sachets
Vagheggi 75-15 – Luxe Skincare Products from Italy
Vagheggi Night Cream, Precious Face Oil and Smoothing Day Cream
Vagheggi 75-15 – Luxe Skincare Products from Italy
Vagheggi Face Scrub
Vagheggi face oil
Vagheggi History Face Oil
Vagheggi 75-15 – Luxe Skincare Products from Italy
Vagheggi Sorbet Feel Cream




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