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Beth Mann
Beth Mann

The Amazing, Dewy Benefits of an Oxygen Facial

I watched a YouTube video a few days ago. This make-up guru was trying to recreate a “natural, glowing look.” Ironically, she had to apply several layers of primer, foundation and loose powder to get it.

Have we forgotten a fundamental truth about our skin? Healthy skin–not layer upon layer of make-up–provides the best look possible. No make-up can top it!

And healthy skin starts with good health and routine skin maintenance. This means eating right, hydrating frequently and going for oxygen facials to genuinely and naturally nourish your skin.

Oxygen Facials Deliver Oxygen to the Deepest Layers of Your Skin for a Natural, Healthy Glow


Oxygen facials are super hot right now. Celebrities like Madonna and Justin Timberlake extol its virtues. But it’s more than just trendy; it’s an effective skin maintenance technique.

Benefits of an oxygen facial include:


Oxygen facials boost collagen production. (If you’ve forgotten: collagen is the protein that makes skin cells stick together, providing elasticity and strength). More collagen means less visible wrinkles.

Oxygen facials detoxify the skin. Oxygen facials (as well as the nutrients and vitamins in it) help to naturally detoxify your skin and negate the effects of sun exposure, pollution and diet. The oxygen itself contributes to the regeneration and repair of skin cells.

Oxygen facials speed up cell turnover. Oxygen is a critical component for cell regeneration. It literally increases the rate at which new cells replenish themselves. With the extra dose provided in an oxygen facial, you’re rushing the process along!

Oxygen facials = no side effects. This is one of my favorite benefits of an oxygen facial: no side effects. No redness, swelling, irritation, stinging…nothing! It’s so nutritive and nourishing, your skin welcomes it. Perfect for people with skin sensitivities.

Montreal’s Salon Deauville is one of the premier locations for oxygen facials. They proudly use Luzern organic oxygen facial products which is one of the best facials ever created. According to their site, this facial is “packed with anti -oxidants, 12 vitamins, stem cells, and peptides. It reduces puffy eyes, dark circles, hyper-pigmentation, redness, and smooths out lines and wrinkles. Your skin has never been creamier, smoother and brighter.”

Ready for the hottest facial in Montreal? Contact Salon Deauville today. 



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