Learn how to take care of your eyelash extensions with these simple steps

Learn how to take care of your eyelash extensions with these simple steps

That highly coveted mystery previously hidden by the queens of show business is no longer a secret to anyone. The perfect eyelashes are available to anyone.

When they are long and curvy they always look attractive, but not everyone has been blessed with them. The solution is to fill them. In the Salon Deuville you teach 7 Steps to take care of eyelash extensions.

perfect eyelashes

Before applying this product, make sure that no liquids, such as water or creams, enter the eyelashes for the next 48 hours.

This can cause the extensions to detach from the adhesive and fall off.

Also, l will contact lens wearers should be very careful with extensions to the insert and remove the lenses, for extensions are not in vain and eyelashes not be accidental breakage mind.

1. Eyelash control

When the extensions are placed and then want to be undone, it is important to know in advance the exact state of the natural bristles.

Thus they are released from the traces of makeup and you can know how many lashes artificial needed for extensions to be to put in them.

2. Eyelash cleaning

For this step it is best to have a cleaning cloth handy, in case a little more glue needs to be used or the eyes start to water.

The use of conventional cotton swabs should be avoided, as a fine cotton may stick to the lashesLint-free microbrushes are best for this.

3. Eyelash filler

In the most important and final step, the natural lashes are carefully filled in with the artificial ones.

Using a special adhesive for this purpose, the artificial eyelash is placed and glued directly behind, never above, the base of each natural bristle.

The line at the end of the eyelid will gradually thicken with the eyelash extensions.

4. The result:

In the first two days will notice if extensions tabs have been successful. If the length, shape and density of these meet exactly the requirements.

If the extensions aren’t tight, feel artificial or hard, and aren’t kinky, you can be completely satisfied with the filling.

5. After having finished

After the extensions have been applied, avoid contact with water within the next 24 hours, as the glue must first dry properly.

The following two days should also be avoided in spa treatments in rooms with high humidity and temperature. These include saunas, steam rooms and a solarium.

To sleep it is recommended not to use a pillow, because the eyelashes often fall when they rub against the fabric.

If they are a bit sticky after sleeping, they can simply be combed again with a special brush, after cleansing the face.

In addition, you should avoid greater contact possible eyelids, that is to say, no need to rub.

It should also be known that salty tears can loosen the eyelashes. It is recommended that you avoid crying these days.

The same happens with sea water and chlorinated water in swimming pools, in both cases it is possible that some extensions are lost.

6. Eyelash removal

To protect the lower lashes, a pad is placed under the eyes.

If a replacement has already been made, check if the glue could have loosened to any extent.

7. How often it can fill the tabs and use them without rest?

How often extensions need to be filled depends entirely on how quickly the natural lashes grow back and how well they are cared for.

The density, length, number and curvature of these also vary from person to person, mainly thanks to genetic predisposition.

Glue for sensitive eyes usually lasts three to four weeks. The first artificial eyelashes sometimes fall out after only 14 days.

Eyelash extensions can sometimes last up to five weeks. Whether they look good after such a long time completely depends on how many artificial lashes have already fallen out and how many natural lashes have grown back in different phases.

However, you should not wait too long before filling, otherwise it will be expensive because the lashes have to be recreated.

Every five or six months the eyelids should be given a beauty break and not filled with new extensions.

In this way, you give your natural lashes a chance to recover from artificial lashes and the new extensions may be better able to hold the lash line.

One of the greatest virtues of eyelash extensions is the stunning appearance that you have at all times.

The beautiful long lashes give you a great look and bigger eyes. Not to mention the valuable time saved in the morning.

After taking a good bath, all you have to do is apply a foundation and draw your brows. Artificial lashes always look freshly applied.

In summer, of course, lashes still have the advantage that you will always look made up, even when you are not and despite the high temperatures.

By following these 7 Steps to take care of eyelash extensions you will have a captivating appearance 100% guaranteed!


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