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Lakmé Haircare Products Review – By Hairdressers, for Hairdressers

As hairdressers, we obviously have first-hand experience with all of the products we use, but more so than the average customer, since we see the results on multiple heads of hair. When one product works well on so many, it grabs our attention!

We also get a sense of the quality of the product via touch, smell and feel (seriously, you can tell a really good hair care product just by the way it feels). Lakmé is one of those brands that feels a cut above the rest (excuse the hairdresser pun ; )

What makes Lakmé Professional Haircare Products so special?


Lakmé Haircare Products  Review – By Hairdressers, for Hairdressers

Lakmé was created by stylists for stylists. Often, hair care products are created in a lab somewhere with the creators knowing very little about the critical end result: a beautiful, soft, healthy head of hair. Lakmé creators get it because their team is packed with hairdressers. They know the critical importance of a shampoo that cleans thoroughly without stripping. They understand the need for a conditioner that softens and enriches the strands but doesn’t weigh them down.

From Cultbrands:

Lakmé boasts over 300 high-quality products, used in professional hair salons in over 70 countries worldwide. With origins in Barcelona, Lakmé draws on Mediterranean values and an eclectic mix of Spanish artistic tradition in its brand foundations. Striving to be a continuous source of inspiration, pushing the creative boundaries of hairdressing and exploring the infinite possibilities of the craft, Lakmé offers a professional portfolio of tools to support stylists in bringing their creations to life. 
Lakmé is also a highly evolving and progressive company. They realize that today’s customers expect companies to do more than produce products but can do so sustainably and cruelty-free.
Engaging in the highest standard of manufacturing through its established state-of-the-art production facilities, Lakmé is committed to hair health and beauty, innovation and sustainability.

A deeper dive into

Lakmé’s vegan products

The hairdressers at our Montreal salon particularly like Teknia, a natural, vegan haircare line from Lakmé that not only enriches the hair but uses stimulating fragrances that create that special sensual experience customers love at the hair salon.
Lakme haircare products montreal
Lakme Teknia haircare products at our Montreal salon.
Lakme White Silver shampoo Montreal salon
Lakme Teknia White Silver Shampoo – a toning shampoo for blonde, highlights and white hair.
For those with damaged hair, Aura is another offshoot of Lakme, one of the first biotechnological, vegan hair treatment systems to smooth and soften the hair strand and eliminate frizz.

Lakmé hair treatments for targeted help


lakme k.therapy haircare for sensitive scalp
Lakme K.Therapy Haircare products

Some of our customers deal with chronic hair and scalp issues like dreaded scalp flaking and hair loss. This type of issue requires a more systemic approach to hair and scalp care which k.therapy provides (from Lakmé ). Feedback has been immensely positive regarding k.therapy, especially those dealing with longer-term scalp issues.

Lakmé – a truly special haircare gift


Lakmé Haircare Products  Review – By Hairdressers, for Hairdressers
Give the gift of beautiful hair with Lakme.

With the holidays approaching, ask yourself: who wouldn’t appreciate a fine bottle of salon-level haircare product? Seriously…even men love it! Listen, most of us don’t indulge the higher-end haircare products so it makes an extra special gift.

Stop by our salon and peruse the many Lakmé items we have awaiting. With 2022 right around the hair, make a resolution and say it proudly: my hair deserves the best!

Check out this excellent article on the family members behind Lakme.




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