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IQ Perfetto Hairdryers ~ The Latest in Styling Tool Technology

A New Era in Hair Dryers  ~ iQ Perfetto Hair Dryer by Gama Professional

“Ultra-compact, ultra-lightweight, quiet, self-cleaning with exceptional performance.”

IQ Perfetto Hairdryers ~ The Latest in Styling Tool Technology

Calling an iQ Perfetto a “hairdryer” is like calling a Tesla just a “car.”

The iQ Perfetto is light-years from the hairdryers of the past that slow-baked strands and did immeasurable damage.

Engineered in Italy by the world leader in hairdryer, the IQ by Gama has been created with both the hairstylist and the consumers in mind. The most powerful blow dryer with a motor speed of 110,000 RPM with 3-speed levels is 7x more powerful than other hairdryers.

But more than just the damage they did to hair, old hairdryers were often bulky and hard to manage, especially for stylists, who had to use them repeatedly throughout the day. (Talk about carpal tunnel.) That awkward hold also meant stylists couldn’t always create the best style possible.

And don’t get me even started on the noise. After a long day at a salon, you can barely hear yourself think. It’s low enough noise pollution to not be obvious but annoying, you know?

Only 78db of noise level, which is incredibly quiet for any hairdryer.
Its brushless motor not only reduces the drying time but significantly increases the lifetime of your dryer, thanks to its intelligent digital technology.

Other features of the iQ Perfetto Hairdryer:


  • 294 grams of incredible innovation (the average weight of a smartphone)
  • Intelligent brushless, long-life motor with speed to 110,000 rpm: 7 times faster than a traditional hairdryer
  • 2000 watts of power
  • Venturi Effect multiplies airflow without using extra power
  • Super quiet at only 78 dB
  • Inbuilt anti-bacterial and ionic generator for smoother, colour protective results
  • Ultra-compact at nearly half the size of a traditional hairdryer: Air outlet diameter 46mm, width 193.5mm, height 166.8mm
  • Digital interface
  • Memory function allows IQ hairdryer to remember speed and temperate settings
  • 12 available configurations and cold shot button
  • Includes 1 diffuser and 2 nozzles
  • Auto-Clean Technology allows deep-cleaning of the rear filter
  • Oxy Active Technology: Ozone ion emission to smooth the hair cuticle for sensational results
  • Self-diagnoses any irregularities
  • Perfectly balanced to prevent sore arms
  • 3 metre professional length cable
  • Italian design
  • 2 year warranty

Why you want an iQ Perfetto (you do).


I’m not going to lie: this is not a cheap tool. But you know what costs more over the long run? Damaged hair. This dryer claims to reduce drying time by 30% which means less heat exposure time. It’s a higher-tech tool and a definite upgrade from many of the hairdryers we have at home. It also feels lighter and easier to move and direct (a relief for many women who get tired of holding a bigger dryer).  In short, it’s an investment. And in our opinion: a worthwhile investment.

Read more about the benefits here.

Won over by this space-age hairdryer yet? You can purchase it here. Or buy it in our Montreal salon.

Some happy stylists at our Montreal salon and barbershop now enjoy the superior quality and ease of control of the iQ Perfetto hairdryer.


IQ Perfetto Hairdryers ~ The Latest in Styling Tool Technology


IQ Perfetto Hairdryers ~ The Latest in Styling Tool Technology



 A fun review of the iQ Perfetto from a fellow stylist: 



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