How to take care of your beard at home: our 5 best tips
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How to take care of your beard at home: our 5 best tips

The beard is like our letter of introduction, as well as our clothes and manners. For this reason, keeping it well cared for becomes a necessity that should be guided by the hand of experts. But it is not only for aesthetic reasons: keeping the beard well cared for will help prevent the accumulation of harmful bacteria.

In recent studies, carried out by microbiologist Anthony Hilton, it was discovered that there are about 20,000 bacteria on the face of bearded men. In addition, John Golobic, another important microbiologist, discovered that many of the bacteria found in the beard are the same as those found in the toilet.

For this reason, and as we mentioned before, beard care is not only aesthetic, but should also be done for health reasons. Therefore, at Salon Deauville we will tell you our best tips, briefly and concisely.

In this article, we will take you on a journey through which you will learn how to take care of your beard at home. Although, as we will say in the last tip, it is important that you consider the opinions of experts and that you regularly visit the barbershop of your confidence.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

5 tips to take care of our beard at home

A thick, well-groomed beard is undoubtedly thrilling to wear. Likewise, while it can signify masculine virility, it is also a symbol of the face and determines our identity.

A clear example of this is when we remove our beard and become a different person. For this reason, the beard is fundamental. Here are 5 of our best tips to help you take care of your beard at home.

Pay attention and take notes because the experience will be great.

First tip: you need to wash your beard!

First tip: you need to wash your beard!

During the day, the beard is confronted with various elements such as food debris, tobacco smoke, airborne particles or even flaking skin in cold weather. For this reason, washing the beard is an urgent necessity.

It is recommended to wash it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. For this, use natural soaps and avoid the one you use for the hair on your head. Remember that beard hairs are thicker and curly, so they need more intensive care.

The purpose of this procedure is to remove accumulated dirt and grease. Therefore, for best results, you should dry your beard with a towel or blow dryer so that no trace of moisture remains.

Second tip: moisturize with oil

Second tip: moisturize with oil

Despite what many may think, using oil on your beard will not give it a greasy look. On the contrary, it will keep it full of vitality while growing big and strong.

This will be achieved by applying oil or natural balms once a day. In this way, you will protect the skin under your beard and help your facial hair grow successfully.

Third tip: use a lotion of your choice

Third tip: use a lotion of your choice

One of the biggest aspirations we have is to maintain a big, full beard that perfectly suits our physiognomy. However, it is crucial to trim it from time to time. Although, it is almost routine, that our skin gets irritated by such a procedure.

Therefore, using a lotion will allow the pores to close and the skin to relax properly after shaving. In the same way, we recommend that you opt for soft scents such as cedar, orange or sandalwood, so you can show off a dreamy beard.

Fourth tip: comb your beard

Fourth tip: comb your beard

The mustache wax has been used for many years. It is regularly used to shape and style it in an easier way. However, did you know that you can use it on your beard and achieve great results?

That’s right, if you decide to wax your beard, it will be easier to untangle it and it will also look healthier. Health is also in the care we give to our beard. Therefore, waxing it will make it look impeccable and conquering.

Fifth tip: visit the barbershop

Fifth tip: visit the barbershop

Visiting the barber once a month is essential to keep your beard in perfect condition. Also, remember that each beard is a different universe and therefore needs specific care.

The barber, who is a professional in styles, will be able to advise you on which hairstyle and cut looks best on your face. Once this is determined, you will be able to touch up your beard at home, until the next month you consult the services of a trusted barbershop.

Salon Deauville, where the beard experts are located

Now that you know the best 5 tips to take care of your beard at home, your time to go to Salon Deauville has come! Undoubtedly, we have the best barber service in the region and we have highly trained staff that will give you advice for your cut.

Don’t wait any longer. We have a variety of treatments for your hair and alternatives that will enhance your face. That is, it is a space designed specifically for men, in charge of the best barbers and male stylists, who will watch over your well-being.

For your convenience, we are located at 4048 Jean Talon Ouest Montréal, QC H4P 1V5 and we have the best treatments for your beard. In addition, you can also find hair care products in our store! In Montreal, we are the most complete salon around.

So, contact us at (514) 735-4432, email us at to schedule an appointment, click on the image below (to see our promotions) and visit us: at Salon Deauville, it will be a pleasure to serve you.

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