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Beth Mann
Beth Mann

The Art of Gifting Salon-Level Haircare. (Black Friday Bonanza Unveiled)

On a crisp wintry night several years ago, a dear friend bestowed upon me a beautifully curated Davines gift set—an unexpected gesture that unfolded into one of the best presents I’ve ever received. Seriously! I loved it.

Since then, I’ve adopted a holiday gifting tradition that leans heavily towards the opulence of salon-level products. The universal response? A resounding chorus of LOVE IT.

Why do haircare products make the best gifts for anyone and everyone? 

Because people don’t indulge in such luxuries for themselves, making these elevated haircare offerings not just gifts but experiences for months to come!

So if you’re seeking a fail-safe holiday present this Black Friday, one that elicits joy, you’re in the right place. Forget the long lines, the endless searches or the endless pondering.

Here’s this hairdresser’s lineup of salon-level brands that make the perfect gift.


Davines: Where Excellence Meets Elegance

Step into the realm of Davines, a brand that effortlessly marries global excellence with a touch of local charm. Picture gifting the Volu Hair Mist, a leave-on spray that not only adds volume but also serves as a shield against styling tools.

Davines is the perfect gift for: your picky loved ones who are super eco-conscious since Davines’ commitment to sustainability and exceptional haircare makes it a gift that aligns with their values.

Moroccanoil: Timeless Beauty Secrets Unveiled

Transport your loved ones to the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean with Moroccanoil’s best sellers, enriched with the ancient beauty secret: argan oil.

Moroccanoil is the perfect gift for: those who adore timeless and exotic beauty secrets, Moroccanoil’s products restore shine and strength to all hair types. The Luminous Hairspray Strong, infused with argan oil, is a gift perfect for the friend who craves a weightless hold yet protection from the elements.

Kerastase: Indulge in Luxurious Hydration

Indulge in opulent hydration with Kerastase’s best sellers, designed to provide deep nourishment and repair for all hair types. The Hair Growth Conditioner and Nutritive Fondant Magistral are seriously the epitome of luxury.

Kerastase is the perfect gift: for someone who deserves a little extra pampering and appreciates luxury. Imagine the delight on your friend’s face as they experience the silky, rich moisture and nourishment Kerastase brings. It is such a sensory experience!

Oribe: Salon Luxury Redefined

For the one who seeks a touch of salon luxury at home, Oribe is the ultimate choice. Best known for sleek packaging and high-quality ingredients, Oribe’s Thickening Spray and signature-scented products are perfect for those who desire volume without compromise.

Oribe is the perfect gift: for someone who sees their hair as a personal canvas and an expression of themselves. Think artists and dancers.

Olaplex: Transformative Restoration

Enter the world of transformative restoration with Olaplex, a brand that has redefined haircare. Ideal for damaged or stressed tresses, Olaplex’s cruelty-free and vegan-friendly products are a gift of strength and renewal.

Olaplex is the perfect gift: for any friend of family member who has overly worked or damaged hair. They will be so grateful!

Salon-level haircare: because life’s too short for ordinary hair and lackluster presents. 

This Black Friday, visit Boutique Deauville has smokin’ hot deals on the best of best haircare products. An offshoot of Montreal’s Salon Deauville, Boutique Deauville only stocks the best, based on the stylists’ choices over decades.

Stock up on these premium products so your loved ones feel extra pampered and cherished this festive season.

Deck the halls with strands of beauty, people!

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