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Beth Mann
Beth Mann

Hair Brushes and Blow Drying – What Works, What Doesn’t

Fun facts on hair brushes:

The earliest hair brushes were made of natural materials that included bristles made of porcupine quills, shells and even bones. The handles were made from copper, bronze and wood.

Interestingly the earlier iterations of hair brushes were for a different purpose than today. While we use these hair tools for beautification purposes, our elders used brushes to reduce head lice (!).

The Hair Brush You Choose Matters to the Health of your Hair and your Hair Style


Today’s hair brushes are more advanced than ever before. But it can be overwhelming to choose which one is best. Are firm or softer bristles better for your hair? Are boar bristles or nylon bristles better? What hair brush works best for your hair style?

Boar bristles are a smart choice for fine or dry hair.

Boar bristles glide through hair easily, with little snagging–perfect for fine hair that’s more prone to breakage. Also boar bristles naturally distribute oils, giving a shiny boost to those with dry hair.

Curly hair benefits from a mix of boar and nylon bristles.

This blend of bristles is perfect for curly hair, proving the right amount of shine and tension. Hybrid bristles also provide volume to the hair when needed.

For body, go metal.

If you have flat, straight hair, a metal round brush is your go-to choice. When used with a hair dryer, the barrel heats up which acts similarly to a curling iron.

The importance of choosing the right hair brush is critical if you frequently blow dry your hair. When heat is applied to your hair, it is particularly vulnerable to damage. The right hair brush ensures proper heat distribution and aids as a styling tool (obviously).

Points to remember when blow drying your hair.


Don’t brush when your hair is wet. Instead use the hair dryer on low and tousle your hair until its mostly dry. Then begin the styling process.

Choose the right hair brush for your hair type and styling needs. It’s all about the brush! Choose a brush based on your hair type and style. A round brush is a favorite of our stylists because it provides volume and smoothness for many hair types and styles. Brushes with ceramic centers add extra heat to the process, good for fine hair that has trouble holding a style. (But don’t forget a heat protector first!)

Olivia Garden Hair Brushes – For All Types and Styles

Olivia Garden hair brushes are a well-reputed choice for stylists and consumers alike with a variety of brushes for all hair types and styles. Stop by our salon to review our selection in person or check out Deauville Shop for a hair dryer that’s right for you.


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