Fusio-Dose Hair Lab: Ultra-Effective and Ultra Personalized treatments

Finally, spring has arrived and just like nature we are looking to refresh our look. The time where terraces will be available is just around the corner as are the walks downtown on a sunny day. After the winter blues, we all impatiently look forward to the moments where we will be able to confidently strut our stuff down the street fancying that we are New York models down a catwalk. So the time has come for a deep makeover: exfoliating scrub, facials mask, a dab of nail polish, etc. We even venture and dig out that hair treatment we got as a gift last year, apply a huge blob on and place our product drenched hair under our shower cap. Ishhh! Despite having followed the instructions to a T, we come out of the shower looking like a lion in distress and certainly not with the elegant commercial-like hair we were hoping for. A good comb through should certainly remedy the situation… Shoot!  The comb just broke and we are now left staring at our unhappy face in the mirror. This is the moment where the only solution seems to be to take hold of that pair of scissors in the back of the drawer…

Sounds familiar? During winter, we have all lived through frustrating hair moments. After the cold and dry weather, our once lovely strands most certainly need a little TLC and some major repair. No need to despair on our glistening hair dreams as a new era of hair treatment is here: Fusio-Dose by Kérastase a tailor-made treatment with ultra-effective ingredients for hair repair.

Salon Deauville continues to be a leader in offering the latest available hair technology. Fusio-Dose goes to the limit of product personalization with concentrates and boosters that target specific needs. In Deauville’s private room you will receive your treatment while being surrounded by aquarium-like bubbles that bring about peace and relaxation. It is easy to sit back knowing that one of their top notch professionals is concocting an ultra-personalized hair treatment in the Fusio-Dose laboratory. This is hair treatment at its finest: The latest technology available on the market and specifically targeted to our personal needs and concerns!

Gone are the times of our grandmothers’ egg and mayonnaise treatment! Fusio-Dose is an ultra-active, ultra-effective custom made treatment using modern science discoveries. The treatment is personalized for each person by combining one of the five booster treatment to one of the four available concentrates. This offers a range of combinations for a tailor-made solution. First, the concentrate is selected according to your primary concern:

  1. Concentré Oléo-Fusion, ideal for very dry hair
  2. Concentré Pixelist for coloured and sensitized hair
  3. Concentré Vita-Ciment for over-processed hair
  4. Concentré Densifique for fine and thinning hair

Then a second need is targeted with one of the quality boosters:

  1. Booster Nutrition gives the hair 3 times more nourishment
  2. Booster Brilliance leaves hair 5 times more radiant
  3. Booster Densité gives in depth repair and the fiber is redensified for more texture and body
  4. Booster Discipline provides 72 hours of anti-frizz protection and smoothing results
  5. Booster Reconstruction for in depth-repair and hair that is 50% more resistant

This salon-only treatment is applied by a professional. Upon a consultation and a close examination of the hair follicle, a treatment is created directly on the spot in the lab. Whether it is for dry, fine, unruly, damaged or dull hair, it only takes 5 minutes for an instant hair transformation! This is definitely the perfect solution for those of us with supercharged schedules. After all, who would not want to rush out to go show off their new do! With the sun shining down on our beautiful and healthy locks we would certainly even be Kate Moss’ envy! Alright, it’s  nice to dream but one thing is for sure, with Fusio-Dose by Kérastase we will no longer be the one with hair envy.

To make this a lasting experience, make sure to grab one of the home care regimens. These can be easily implemented in our daily routines and are available in the same selection as the Boosters. This is definitely the remedy to any future existential hair crisis in front of the mirror. Life is certainly too short to worry about these things, especially when we have the answer at our fingertips.


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