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Beth Mann

Deauville Shop Now Open – Online Shopping for All of your Beauty Needs

I’m getting my hair shampooed at Salon Deauville. My stylist is working her magic on my scalp and I’m deeply relaxed.

Then she applies a magical shampoo that smells heavenly and delicious. My senses are happily overloaded. Just when I think it couldn’t get any better, here comes the conditioner that smells even more amazing. And of course the end result is equally sublime: super clean hair, soft and perfectly conditioned.

Cut to a few days later: I’m at home, using my so-so shampoo and conditioner bought from the local drugstore up the street. My salon experience is now a figment of the past and I’m stuck with the reality of my own non-salon hair products…or am I?

Welcome to Deauville Shop where salon level products are only a keystroke away!


Salon Deauville recently launched a sleek, new online shop where the Montreal community (or anywhere else in the world) can order the best salon products and tools, easily and affordably.

Concerned about your budget? That’s okay. Salon Deauville has carefully chosen top-tier products that are affordable for a variety of budgets and shipped worldwide.

Not sure what magic formula was used on you the last time you visited Salon Deauville? Call for a mini-consultation. They know your hair, keep detailed records and can advise accordingly.

Too busy for a consultation? Deauville Shop actually provides suggestions based on your choices, such as what conditioner pairs well with a particular shampoo.

Brands listed on Deauville Shop include: Oligo, Pacinos, Yonka, Design me, Sebastian, Nioxin, Oribe, Kerastase, Davines, and more.

If you’re a purist like me, Deauville Shop provides a range of natural products that contain wholesome, non-toxic ingredients that you can actually pronounce.

Other offerings include a range of skincare products (hand selected by the qualified staff at Salon Deauville), hot tools (that can’t be found just anywhere) and travel sized products (so you can bring the highest quality skin and hair products wherever you go).

Men, Deauville Shop hasn’t forgotten about you. Virtual shelves hold, age defense serum, activating scalp tonic, flexible finish cream and much, more more.

Great news, right? Finally we can bring that luxurious, high-end salon experience into our homes quick and easily. And at a good cost. That’s what I call a beauty win/win.


Shop by Brand

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