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Beth Mann
Beth Mann

Be U Cosmétiques – Celebrating your True Skin (and Self)

You’ve often heard “be yourself.” But what does that expression really mean? What if you’re unsure about who “you” are? Or what if you want to change into a new “you”? Its some seriously vague advice, right?

Yet somehow, we know there’s truth underneath that overused platitude. We know that if we can be ourselves–truly ourselves–we’ll feel a deep sense of freedom and wholeness, even if others don’t get it.

Being yourself is a risk, basically. But one our souls urge us to take anyway.

Symbolically, our bare skin represents our bare selves–no make-up to hide behind, just our exterior, clean and unadulterated.

Be-U Cosmetics gets this concept to the core:

We believe that each person should feel good about being transparent and good about being who she is.

That’s why Be-U Cosmetics allows you to create body care that meets your skin type and looks like you. In addition, our entire team accompanies you in the creation of your personalized skin product to create it together.

Be-U Cosmetics Encourages Beauty On the Inside and the Outside.


Since Salon Deauville celebrates being who you are, we are super proud to carry products that lead by example.

Take their body scrub (which we carry): made with coconut oil and big sugar grains, it will make your skin feel baby soft and smooth. (Use 1 – 2 times per week or after tanning.)

And they’re rich, emollient body butter is ideal for dry skin (including skin that got a little too much sun). The special formula has a coconut oil base and can be used once a day (recommended at night).

How to Exfoliate During the Summer Month


We’re particularly happy to announce Be-U Cosmetics during these summer months when skin often gets an extra dose of sun exposure. Exfoliation is critical during this time, to remove that dead layer of skin that so easily accumulates and gives a dull appearance.

During the summer, many dermatologists recommend a good exfoliation once a week. This is enough to encourage new skin growth without stripping, drying or damaging the skin. Why exfoliate during the summer? Think of all that your skin endures, from extra sweat and oil to pore-clogging sunscreens. Your skin needs a weekly reboot! A good facial or two also does the trick! 

Will Be-U cosmetics make you feel okay in your own skin? Probably not. But it will make you okay WITH your own skin…and that’s a beautiful start.



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