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Why is a professional massage so revitalizing?

Have you ever wondered why professional massages feel good? There are many answers; some scientific, some esoteric. At Salon Deauville we have the best masseurs and today we are going to reveal the secrets behind the different types of massage.

Massages have a relaxing and stimulating action: externally, on the connective tissue; the skin. And internally, on the muscular and skeletal system.

Massage is a treatment classified as therapeutic. Its demand has created professional careers dedicated entirely to perfecting professional massage techniques.

Not surprisingly, professional massages are one of the first treatments indicated when pain or fatigue is felt. In fact, the first instinct of a person in pain is to massage the affected area to relieve discomfort.

Now, why is receiving a deep massage beneficial for the body? Massage acts on the skin, muscles, connective tissue, blood and lymphatic circulation. This stimulates the release of hormones involved in muscle relaxation and pain relief.  

In addition, a well-executed massage treatment improves circulation, nutrition of the skin, organs and tissues. It also contributes to the elimination of metabolic wastes.

But there’s more! Do you want to learn about all the benefits that professional massages provide to the human body? Keep reading to discover all its curiosities.

The origins of massage as a professional treatment

As we mentioned at the beginning, massage is the first form of human treatment. When you receive a blow, a contracture or a burn, the intuitive response of the brain is to send signals to massage the affected area. This is intended to lessen the damage and therefore reduce the pain.  

The same happens when someone you love gets hurt.  

Massage is an instinctive reaction, intended to soothe pain in a natural way. However, thanks to the popularization of massage and spa centers, today we can all enjoy the services of a professional massage therapist.

It has been proven that they can be used to achieve particular sensations, which promote relaxation and body wellbeing.

Health benefits of massage 


Health benefits of massage 

Have you ever woken up from a long, deep nap and said, “I slept, but I didn’t rest”? Sometimes, when we have a lot of worries, our body tenses up and our muscles contract.

Massage is able to dissolve and release the muscular blockages that make the body stiff and discordant. Body massage also frees the muscles from the painful sensation that prevents us from working or moving properly.

From the above we can say that massages offer a beneficial action at body level. Although the most popular are the neck massage and back massage, according to experts, body massages may also be indicated in cases of:  

  • Poor circulation 
  • Rheumatism 
  • Arthrosis 
  • Migraine 
  • Cellulitis 
  • Fatigue
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Stress  

Of course, if you suffer from any of the conditions mentioned above, it is necessary to see a specialist in each area. Professional massages are an alternative treatment, which can be carried out in conjunction with the indications of your family doctor.  

Professional massages and their role in body detoxification 

Besides being an effective treatment against pain, by applying certain massage techniques you can receive the benefits of a cleansing, detoxifying and purifying action. How is this possible?  

First of all, massages promote skin cleansing. Through body massage you can free the skin from debris, flaking cells, dead skin and so on. Furthermore, it also acts on the sebaceous and sweat glands, in order to help expel toxins from the body.    

Lymphatic drainage 

Lymphatic drainage is one of the many professional massage techniques available in massage and spa centers. It is a stimulating massage that promotes the circulation of lymph, known to transport body wastes.  

Occasionally, the channels that make up the lymphatic system can become obstructed and cause inflammation, which in addition to being uncomfortable can be painful. Lymphatic massages are used to stimulate any type of retention, which can then be eliminated.  


The importance of going to a professional massage therapist


importance of going to a professional massage therapist

The masseur is a researcher who studies the body’s reactions throughout their life. It is the only way to perfect the touch and intentionality of the hands. This with the purpose of improving more and more the impact they have on the musculature, the skin and the nerve endings.

At Salon Deauville we offer from relaxing massages to purely therapeutic massages. Each one of them oriented to attend a different body need, in order to offer a more complete service. Some of these massages are: 

  • Traditional
  • Swedish
  • Sports
  • Prenatal

Click on the following link to learn the difference between difference between Swedish massage and traditional massage. If you are looking for a massage therapy in Montreal, look no further! Make a reservation with us. 

How much does a professional massage cost?

To know the cost of each one of our services, enter our PRICES & BOOKING and know the details of each one of them. 

Many people still believe that massages are an exclusive part of beauty treatments. While it is true that they are indispensable in a good complete spa routine, their functions encompass much more.  

In fact, massage is, in essence, a preventive and therapeutic treatment, which has the potential to lead anyone to an improvement in their state of health. In many cultures, massage is seen as a very important remedy, both at the level of inflammation, muscle and joint pain, as well as at the level of physiological and energetic balance of the organism.

At Salon Deauville we have highly trained staff. Visit our blog! If you are looking for a massage in Montreal, do not hesitate to make a reservation with us.


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