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Beth Mann

What is Microneedling (aka Collagen Induction Therapy)?

I don’t know about you but whenever I hear the word “needle” I run for the hills. So when I heard about micro-needling, I had a lot of questions. Call me crazy but how can sharp pointy things make my skin look better? More questions, like:

Is micro-needling a safe and legitimate skin treatment? Is there any real science behind it?


Interestingly, yes–there is science behind it. But let’s define micro-needling first.

Micro-needling is an aesthetic procedure that uses tiny needles to puncture the first layer of skin. This process is intended to rejuvenate skin by boosting the production of collagen. This means decreased appearance of fine lines, sun damage and acne scars. But more than just improving lines and scars, you can expect a more vibrant look to your skin overall.

Remember: collagen is your skin’s best friend! It provides skin fullness and firmness. 

Now, on to the science. A 2009 study details that almost 100% of the participants reported a substantial improvement in acne scars after their treatment. That’s a pretty high “win” rate, right?

But is micro-needling safe?


For the most part, yes. Other than redness and tightness of skin post-treatment, its generally well-tolerated. Most have little to no down-time at all. Some people who should avoid this skin treatment? Those with cystic acne or active skin issues. Also those who deal with cold sores might experience a re-activation.

For your first time micro-needling in Montreal, may we suggest our salon? We ensure a safe and professional experience from the second you walk in the door. Our team is highly trained and ready to guide you through this amazing, new restorative process.

We also offer the SkinVacious Starter Kit at our salon, for those ready to try a skin-rolling procedure at home. Similar to micro-needling in some regards.

…the rolling of the skin kickstarts the skin’s natural revitalization process and actively prepares the skin’s surface … next we infuse the skin with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients to feed and nourish … add a layer of essential face oil to restore the lipid barrier as well as protect everything while it naturally rejuvenates

According to their website, the SkinVacious Skin Revitalization System embraces a natural and holistic approach to skin care. Rolling of the skin activates the body’s natural rejuvenation qualities; a technique that, when coupled with our all natural skincare products, builds, reveals, and nurtures healthy, radiant skin.

Great news, isn’t it? For people who deal with acne scars, sun damage and dull skin, it’s an exciting, new world in skin rejuvenation. These procedures are not only safe but require little to no downtime. Let’s talk about the possibilities!


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