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Beth Mann

Vagheggi At-Home Cellulite Kit (Yes it IS Possible!)

There can be a sense of hopelessness when it comes to cellulite. It’s really tough to get rid of and there is no easy fix. But what’s the latest info on cellulite? Are there any new products that can help?

First, let’s understand cellulite better!

Facts about Cellulite


Cellulite is more common in women. This isn’t much of a surprise since you probably don’t see this issue in men. Apparently, this is because of our collagen which is arranged differently than in men. Ugh. 

Cellulite is not fat…exactly. Sure, it may feel like fat but cellulite is actually pockets of fat separated by skin, according to this article.

Exercise can help the appearance of cellulite. For many years, we’ve been told that cellulite wasn’t affected by exercise so this is welcome news. From interval training to yoga, exercise can help with the overall appearance. Why? Because exercise increases circulation and firms up the skin.

Massage can help with cellulite. While massage is not a cellulite cure-all, it does improve lymphatic drainage which has been proven to help the overall appearance of cellulite. Check out our list of massage services. 

Weight loss doesn’t affect the appearance of cellulite. We’ve saved the depressing news for last. No, weight loss won’t make your cellulite disappear. Genes, hormonal imbalances and inflammation play a much bigger part in the creation of cellulite than weight gain.

Help! What can I do about cellulite?


In addition to providing massage in our Montreal salon, we recently started carrying Vagheggi, a complete home care kit for cellulite. Not only does this powerful and fully natural product package exfoliate the skin but it has a toning, draining and lifting effect.

The at-home cellulite kit by Vagheggi contains:

  • A lifting concentrate (for draining, firming and smoothing)
  • A night body mask to be applied night on the affected areas for complete absorption. 
  • A two-sided massage glove, which stimulates lymph drainage and increases absorption. 

This highly enjoyable massage process not only helps with the appearance of cellulite but feels like a relaxing, luxurious self-massage. Just rinse off the next day and watch the cellulite go away!

More on Vagheggi: 

Vagheggi skincare and makeup products are natural, plant-based, animal cruelty-free – nothing hidden and no surprises. Each must pass a rigorous screening process to ensure that our clients only get the more luxurious, effective and safe items on the market.

Vagheggi At-Home Cellulite Kit (Yes it IS Possible!)

Vagheggi At-Home Cellulite Kit (Yes it IS Possible!)

If you’re ready to up your game when it comes to stubborn cellulite, stop by our salon. The Vagheggi Cellulite kits await you!


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