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Beth Mann
Beth Mann

Understanding Hair Extensions – Tape-ins Versus Bonded

Hair Extensions Have Come a LONG Way!


As a gal with shoulder-length hair, I embrace the ease of the cut…but I miss the ability to wear all of the fun and fashionable hair styles out there. That’s until I discovered hair extensions.

Though I confess: I was hesitant to try hair extensions. They had a bad rap from a long time ago. Some celebrities complained of hair damage (even bald spots–yikes) and its often fake and unnatural look.

But hair extensions have come a long way, baby. So let’s talk hair extensions. From tape-in to bonded hair extensions, which one is best for you?

No, hair extensions don’t damage your hair…when done correctly. 

First let’s address one of the biggest myths of hair extensions: hair extensions damage your hair. False. As a matter of fact, your hair is exposed to less heat (think hair dryers  or curling irons) so your natural hair can grow without interruption.

Bonded hair extensions are applied using glue and bonded to strands of hair. When done incorrectly, there is some risk of damage over time. That’s why choosing the salon and hair extension is critical.

Out of all extension application methods (micro-beads, tape-ins and fusion) clip-in extensions are the easiest and safest on your hair.

How long do hair extensions last?

Tape-in hair extensions can last from 6 – 8 weeks and can be re-used. When hair extensions are bonded to your hair, hair extensions can last up to six months. But good maintenance is critical.

Hair extensions have never been easier to maintain.

The beauty of today’s hair extensions? They’re extremely easy to maintain and style. As a matter of fact, you can treat extensions just like you would your regular hair. From ponytails to more elaborate hair styles, from curling to flat irons–the sky’s the limit.

What are the best type of hair extensions for me?

Bonded hair extensions are better for those looking for a longer-term solution. Tape-in hair extensions are preferable for those looking for a quicker more temporary style.

Great Lengths hair extensions feature 100% human hair ethically sourced.

Will my hair extensions look fake?

It’s critical to match your hair density, texture, thickness and color in order to create a seamless look. This applies to both tape-in extensions and bonded hair extensions.
Also the source of the hair extensions is important. At our Montreal salon, we proudly use Great Length hair extensions which are ethically sourced from the temples of India. Contact us for a consultation where we’ll take a careful look at your hair and advise accordingly. 




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