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Beth Mann
Beth Mann

Two Hair Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2022 (Hint ?)

New Year’s resolutions can be a lot of work. And they have a long history of not working out (don’t get me started on my one-week attempt at keto last year). But guess what you can do to start afresh this 2022? Find a hot hairstyle and look like a totally new and improved version of you!

This week, we’re putting a spotlight on two of the hottest hairstyle/haircut trends that we’ve seen a lot of at our salon all ready.

The Octopus Haircut

Two Hair Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2022 (Hint ?)

Don’t let the name fool you. This cut is super hot, not the slippery and amazingly intelligent sea creature with tentacles. The cut is called “octopus” because it bowls over the head (like the head of an octopus) then feathers out at the ends (like soft tentacles). The top portion is like a bob, so it works on multiple face shapes (a face framer essentially) though you do have to have hair that’s long enough for the full effect.

“The top of this haircut is disconnected from the underneath. Even though the length is shorter on the top, ideally you still need shoulder-length hair or longer to begin with, in order to create the style.”

“The top is cut into a bowl-shaped cut or longer (but no longer than bob length), with the outer edges not cut bluntly. They should be soft, possibly razored off and not cut with scissors unless it is point cut with texture.

The Blunt Bob Cut

blunt hair cut hair trend 2022
Blunt cut with feathered, shaped bangs.
blunt cut montreal
A softer blunt cut with highlights.

Want to know a secret? A good bob haircut never goes out of style. There’s not a year that goes by that we don’t cut hundreds of them at our Montreal salon.

With that said, there are variations on the bob cut. This 2022, expect to see a lot of shaggy bobs (also called “wild bobs) and its more polished sister cut: a blunt bob (pictured above). This cut is definitely a face framer so its perfect for those with an oval shape. (Then again, one of the reasons bob haircuts are so continually popular? They look good on just about any face type and the upkeep is easy.)

Keep your bob sleek, or add some textured waves for a more romantic, softer look.

So what cut or hairstyle is calling you in 2022?

Reach out. Let’s design a new you for the new year. Unsure what cut will work for you? Take advantage of a consultation first. We love matching our customers up with the right style before you make the commitment.

blunt hair cut with vibrant color
Hmmm…what cut and color suits me in 2022?


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