Toe nail designs for summer 2022
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7 toenail designs for summer 2022

Ready to choose the best toenail designs for summer? Summer lends itself to using shapes, colors and textures that we don’t see in any other season. This can be seen in fashion, footwear and of course, in those trends that are mostly related to beauty and of course, toenail designs are no exception.

But this is where the biggest question arises, what is trending this summer of 2022?

After many years of being the favorite, nude colors have been on the decline and in their place we have seen the positioning of vibrant colors as the most chosen ones. However, these have also had their counterpart in pastel colors, for those looking to be fashionable, but retaining a more discreet style.

However, whatever your personal style, if you’re determined to get an amazing toenail design for the summer, now is your time! Of course, what better way to do it than through the talent and expertise of our team.

If you are ready to receive the best pedicure service in Montreal, schedule your appointment at Salon Deauville. But first, pay attention to our recommendations. We’re sure you’ll love it.

Let’s get started!

1. Vibrant colors

Let’s start with one of the most important nail trends of 2022: vibrant colors. This has been a very popular trend mainly in fashion, where styles such as color-blocking are increasingly used.

If you want to incorporate it into your next summer toenail design, be sure to use colors like green, pink, orange or yellow, either as a base tone or decoration. You’ll love the result!

2. Pastel shades

Pastel shades

On the other hand, if you still want to incorporate some color in your pedicure, but you are not used to using intense tones, the best option for you are pastel colors. This 2022 toenail designs for summer are all about pastel shades, mainly those that are derived from the vibrant colors we already mentioned in the first position.

Although it is a more discreet version, it will give you a particular glow that is simply enchanting.

On the other hand, if you want to try something different, ask your trusted nail expert about the availability of these shades, but in their matte version.

3. Milky White

We all love classic white nails. The best thing is that it’s one of the go-to toenail designs for summer. They’re fresh, fun and go with anything you wear.

Now, if you want to look completely on-trend, instead of choosing an all-white, go for a Milky White shade.

Milky White is a variation of the traditional white color. It has a milky appearance, which is also popular for enhancing the tan tone.

For a toenail design for summer that is classic, yet elegant and perfect for the season, this is your best option.

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4. Violets, blues and grays

Cool shades will not go unnoticed either. Some of the most important shades for this summer are in the scale of blues and purples.

Some specialists recommend that both manicure and pedicure should match, but you should not necessarily use the same shade. For example, you could combine several shades of purple and lilac or some other colors in the same chromatic range.

Apart from being on trend, it is an easy to do, wear and combine toenail design for the summer. Dare to wear them!

5. Pink and black shades

Pink and black shades

Pink has been present in the trends of many countries around the world. We will see this color appear in multiple toenail designs for the summer, but also in makeup or fashion, so much so that many are beginning to ensure that pink is the new red.

Explore your options with your trusted pedicurist and find the perfect shade of pink for you. Also, don’t forget that an amazing way to wear it is with small black appliqués, which is also another color that seems to be on the rise in toenail designs this 2022.

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6. Animal print

Animal print is one of the most fun toenail design options for this summer 2022. Remember, you don’t need to go for the traditional versions – try some color too!

Although it’s a riskier design option, we’re sure you’ll wear it amazingly. Dare to explore all your options!

7. French nails

Finally, we will make a leap in style completely different from the previous one. The classic style par excellence will always be the French pedicure.

Besides being a simple and practical design to wear, it always looks elegant for any time or occasion. In the summer of 2022 this toenail design is no exception.

Despite being a simple toenail design, it will always be a favorite.

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The best toenail designs of the summer in Montreal

If you’ve already decided which of these toenail designs is your favorite, it’s time to make a reservation. Let our professional pedicurists take care of you to get the best nail design of the summer.

To make a reservation click here or call us at (514) 768-7006 or visit us at 4050 Rue Jean-Talon O H4P 1V5, Montréal, QC. 

We are waiting for you!


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