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The Toning Benefits of Slimwave Technologies (Summer is Calling)

Sometimes losing weight and getting toned is an outside-in approach. And with today’s technology, it’s never been easier. Of course, eating well and exercising will always be critical components to weight loss but Slimwave is a technology treatment that helps you along your path. So let’s get into it, shall we?

The Toning Benefits of Slimwave Technologies (Summer is Calling)

The Toning Benefits of Slimwave Technologies (Summer is Calling)

What is Slimwave Technology?

From the Slimwave Technologies website:

Slimwave is a systematic treatment designed to enhance blood flow and stimulate circulation whilst promoting the muscles to contract and relax rhythmically causing fat to metabolize while muscles tighten and tone.

Slimwave breaks down the fat, allowing it to dissolve and liquefy and be flushed from the body each time you drink water in the hours following your treatment.

How does Slimwave Technology work?

From the Slimwave Technologies website:

We will place a number of electro pads on the specific parts of your body that will be treated. Once activated, the electrodes go to work to transform your problem areas. The electrotherapy equipment is computerized and will be set to different stimulation strengths. (Don’t worry the treatment is completely safe.) The first time you might notice the strange tingling sensation, but this is your signal that the fat is beginning to break down – as you get used to the strength we will increase the intensity.

Each treatment is controlled by a computer to target the specific areas and work on your problem areas firming and toning muscles to reshape your body while offering the benefits of a controlled full body passive workout.

While it may sound a little odd, the term “passive workout” is one of the best ways to understand it. I don’t know about you, but that certainly appeals to me.

What is the workout equivalent of a Slimwave session?


The Slimwave weight loss treatment has the same effect as a full session with a trainer. One hour of electrotherapy is like doing 600 sit-ups, 600 push-ups and 600 leg lifts together. A 45-minute session can burn to burn up 1000 calories(!) When used in combination with a healthy diet, this program can be exceptionally effective. And no joint injuries, so common in those who workout frequently.

It also helps with overall health and detoxification, boosting lymphatic drainage and improving circulation – both critically important for breaking down fat deposits, the reduction of excess fluids and flushing out toxins. This means healthier, glowing skin too. [Source: Slimwave Technologies]

How do I get my first Slimwave session in your Montreal salon?


The Toning Benefits of Slimwave Technologies (Summer is Calling)


We’re so pleased to offer these groundbreaking services at our Montreal salon. Stop by and see whether Slimwave is right for you. (Remember: summer is just around the corner!) We’re happy to show you how it works in person!

The Toning Benefits of Slimwave Technologies (Summer is Calling)




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