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Beth Mann

The Hottest Fall Nail Color Trends for 2019

Fall is the best time of year. Crisp air, apple cider, pumpkins, the leaves changing color. And while we’re on the topic of color, who doesn’t love the shades of Fall? Rich, warm brown, rustic orange and vivid red to match the autumnal world preparing for winter.

Fall is also a perfect time to reinvent your look. If you’re like me, you can’t always buy a new wardrobe for each season. But you can make subtle changes that provide that same sense of “autumn’s in the air.”

Nail Colors 2019 – What’s Hot!


According to those in the know, we can expect neutrals to take center stage when painting our nails this Fall season. This includes creamy gray and warm brown. For those who like to go bolder, expect sparkly champagne and gold glitter shades. For Fall traditionalists, look for deep burgundy shades and teal tones.

What’s nice about the warm neutrals this Fall: the classic restrained elegance it inspires. Shades like toffee beige warm create an earthy yet refined feel that gently catches the eye.

Just like we move from lighter to richer drinking wines as the temps get cooler, expect the same in nail color. A popular color? Vivid wine red with slight purple undertones, like the shade pictured above.

Another hot new Fall color for the fingers: rust orange. Matching the beauty of the leaves, these orange shades make a subtle statement with a warming terra cotta feel.

For those with rock and roll in their soul, grab the nearest deep teal shade for your next manicure. It makes a bold statement yet still has a sea-worthy, natural appeal. If you want to kick it up a notch, gold glitter is all the rage this season too, perfect for the upcoming holidays.

Leaving one of the best for last: sheer champagne, one of the most popular shades this Fall 2019. Also called a soft pearl, its decidedly romantic with a hint of magical sparkle that will practically dance on your fingertips. If white was your favorite summer shade, this is a perfect transitional shade.

So there you go. Fall shades to welcome you to the best time of the year. With the holidays just around the corner!



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