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Beth Mann
Beth Mann

The Hottest Color Trends for Nails – Spring 2020

With most of us stuck indoors, there’s not much to do except experiment with various nail colors on our fingers and toes. (I know for myself, I’ve filed my nails so much, there isn’t much more to file.) What better time than to find out what’s trending in nail colors for Spring 2020, right?

The Hottest Color Trends for Nails, Spring 2020


  1. Baby Blue. Maybe this color is so popular now because we’re simply dying to see some blue sky, literally and figuratively. Another plus? It looks great with just about any skin tone.
  2. Popsicle Pink. This seems more like summer than Spring but again, maybe its hopeful thinking. Wear it and bring the summer closer to you.
  3. Dune Neutral. Often neutral shades can be a little….boring. But this popular Spring shade compliments outfits with a subdued finesse.
  4. The New French. Consider this a French manicure with a decidedly fun twist, like instead of clear polish, the palest blue. And why not add some glitter to the recipe? Or instead of white nail tips, why not gold tips instead?
  5. Rose Gold. Rose gold is not only one of the hottest metals for engagement rings, but equally popular on fingertips right now. It’s so warm and beautiful!
  6. Mellow matte. Don’t confuse matte with dull. Nail color doesn’t always have to be shiny. Matte showcases color beautifully and cleanly…and the look is refreshing.
  7. Denim blue. Always a favorite and for obvious reasons. It looks as casual and comfortable as your favorite blue jeans.
  8. Pastel pink. Just like the Easter eggs from childhood, pastel pink harkens back to happy times. Playful, innocent and just plain pretty.
  9. Lime green. Okay, a color you’ll either love or hate. But one thing for sure: it’s popular this season, especially among hip urbanites who aren’t afraid of a little punch of color.
  10. Deep, dusky rose. In matte or shimmer, this shade is one of the most romantic shades of trending nail colors. Perfect for Spring brides.

Just because you may be stuck at home right now, doesn’t mean you can’t impress your loved ones or significant other. Alone? So what. Look great for yourself. That’s the first and last person you want to impress, right?




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