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The Best Brands of Hair Color ~ Top Montreal Salon Weighs In

The New Age in Hair Color

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Our stylists are very particular with hair color. We have to be. Our clients expect it. But what constitutes good hair color? What hair color brand works for your hair type? Does your stylist know how to use hair color the most effectively?

Hair Color is Light Years Better Than Before!


There have never been better, high quality, less toxic hair colors on the market. Beauty and haircare brands are very aware of the need to provide customers with more eco-friendly hair color that provides, deep, rich and natural hair color without stripping or overprocessing the hair.

As little as five years ago, there was hair color on the salon circuit that was fairly non-toxic but the color was questionable, often lacking any depth or richness. It also didn’t stick on strands very long.

But it’s a new age for hair color. Hair color research teams have cracked the code, combining long-lasting and eco-friendlier color that also delivers when it comes to complex colors.

So if you were on the fence about color, its never been a better time to try out a new shade. But know your brands beforehand. They are definitely not all equal.

Our Favorite Hair Color Brands ~ Montreal Salon Staff Picks


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Our stylists take the time to KNOW hair color brands well.

Our favorite hair colors are coincidentally the same colors we use at our Montreal salon. Of course, why wouldn’t they be? These brands have consistently provided insanely rich and long-lasting color, all the while being less toxic and more imbued with natural ingredients that actually contribute to healthier hair.

And while we love these brands, the most important feedback is from our customers who give us very direct feedback, like “this color stayed looking great for 8 weeks!” or “this color didn’t make my hair feel dried out and crispy.”

So get to it already…what are our favorite hair color brands? 

Goldwell (For Rich Color)

The Best Brands of Hair Color ~ Top Montreal Salon Weighs In


Goldwell continues to be our “go-to” hair color brand. It works so safely on all types of hair (even fine or damaged hair) and provides out-of-the-park results, providing a depth and richness that only nature does better.

Goldwell is also always striving to up its game, using computer technology to improve its product year after year. This kind of due diligence means Goldwell hair color only gets better as time passes (just like a fine wine).

Our Deauville stylists particularly love the deep reds and browns Goldwell color offers, which tend to elicit praise from our customers. Red colors in particular can go brassy quickly but not Goldwell which retains its depth over more time.

Goldwell also has an amazing semi-permanent line of color (Goldwell Colorance) that actually has restorative properties built into the formula meaning healthier hair post-color.

Wella (For Dependable, Versatile Color)

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Why Wella? Well, simply put: its one of the most popular and well-known hair colors around the world. Everyone has heard about Wella, with over 135 years of history behind it.

Did you know every 10 seconds, a salon orders Wella products? 

But what makes Wella so popular among the old and young alike? Simply put: dependability and versatility. People know what to expect when it comes to Wella. There are no surprises. Their formula is dependable and overall, non-damaging.

But versatility is why Wella reigns as the Queen of Color. Like this video demonstrates, there is a color for every man and woman out there. 

Oligo (For Innovative Color with Shine)


Oligo is a modernized hair color that tends to increase in quality each year on the market. Their research and development team goes that extra yard to assure maximum deposit and longevity…and of course, the amazing shine finish. Their Calura line is exothermic which means it heats when mixed so its more potent and active upon application.

If you’re looking to cover gray, Oligo is also considered one of the most thorough (claiming 100% coverage with certain colors).

Oligo hair color also has a substantial amount of organic ingredients including organic pomegranate seed oil and organic shea butter. And let us not forget keratin which Oligo hair colors contain – a key component in healthy hair.

Think of hair color like this: you have to have to give in order to take. Hair color is a powerful treatment so the more you can infuse your strands with healthful ingredients, the healthier it will remain over time.

Below is one of Oligo’s specialists who details the composition of Oligo color and why its superior.

What Montreal Salon Provides the Best Hair Color?


top montreal salon owner and staff member


When interviewing a new salon, its important you understand the products they use. Over time, cheaper or lesser hair color can do serious damage. But also important: it just won’t look as good! We all know bad hair color when we see it. There’s a falseness to it, an artificiality…a flatness.

Good color, on the other hand, looks natural. It has depth, shimmer, undertones and overtones. And the hair looks healthy, not overprocessed.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your salon about their brands of choice. A salon owner or stylist should of course, know the brands that are used and (more importantly) b. why. A good stylist intimately knows brands of colors and after years of use, has very direct preferences.

Many salons (like ours) carry multiple hair color brands. Why? Because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all color brand. Our stylists take note of hair type, lifestyle, hair health and general preference.

Also key? Accurate and specific application. Hair color instructions should be followed to the tee, with frequent checks by the stylist throughout the process. Mere minutes too long (especially when removing color) can damage hair and result in an over-processed look. Your stylist should be on top of every stage of the color process, not so overbooked that you’re overlooked!

Our Montreal salon is located on 4048 Rue Jean-Talon O near the Triangle (Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough) bordering and including the following areas:

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Stop by for an in-person consultation. We take hair color very seriously and understand the importance of a consultation before moving forward. We’ll look at your natural hair color, your desired hair color and your skin tone to decide how to proceed.

Remember: this is your hair. The more homework you do in advance, the happier you’ll be with the end result!


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