The benefits of sports massage: What to expect?

The benefits of sports massage: What to expect?

We have heard many times how important it is to give the right massage to an athlete, no matter what sport he or she practices. The beneficial properties of sports massage are very important for every physical competitor.

With intense training, the muscles of the body are stimulated and secrete lactic acid. In many cases, after a few rough movements, the muscles can become tense.

To relax, so that cramps are not created, massage is needed. Sports massage can be performed before and after training or during a race, when an emergency arises.

In this article we will show you what to expect when getting a sports massage.

What is it for? 

What is it for?

The daily routine of athletes includes hard, long and frequent training sessions and most of the time they are asked to exceed their strength to reach their goal.

This has the effect of leaving the muscles numb and the body full of pain. Then, because muscles contract during intense exercise, it is necessary to restore their perspiration to normal levels.

Massage also helps the body discharge toxins, relieves pain caused by lactic acid, relaxes tense parts, creates a suitable ground for recovery and above all prevents and heals injuries by preparing the body for optimal performance.

Massage in general is a process that we can all enjoy, bringing health, relaxation, calm and energy to our body.

The beneficial properties of massage have been known since ancient times, which is why the ancient Greeks had associated the process of massage with one of the pleasures of “wellness”.

When we transfer now the positive advantages of massage in the sports field, we can obtain several positive elements, which will give the athlete the necessary relaxation and recovery after the intensity of exercises or competitions.

How important is it?

Sports massage is considered necessary especially in more advanced athletic countries like America, while many times athletes at the championship level have their own physiotherapists and massage therapists.

In competitions, we all know that athletes give their all and often go beyond their capabilities and strengths, so they tense their muscles.

This creates intense contractions in the extremities and a greater need for proper and gentle restoration of their perspiration to normal levels. Correct perspiration levels also facilitate heart function.

Something that is necessary for the athlete who is doing championships. This can be achieved with sports massage, especially after intense training or competition.

 Does it have a holistic component?

Holistic sports and therapeutic massage aims to rejuvenate the body, achieving complete muscle relaxation and well-being.

Holistic sports massage treats each individual athlete and his or her body as a separate entity, with its own peculiarities.

Therefore, not only the body of the person is important, but also the psychology and the state of all, for the proper choice of the type of massage. This creates the best conditions for one to enjoy the massage with all its beneficial properties.

Holistic sports massage is also known as deep tissue massage. As it focuses on the complete relaxation of the muscles, through the inner tissues of the skin, emphasizing proper circulatory perfusion and contributing to better cardiac function.

After all, an athlete who plays his or her sport at a championship level knows very well that his or her heart rate levels must be normal in order to achieve better performance. Holistic sports massage can work best with the use of crystal therapy, that is, through its application with the use of energy crystals, which help deliver maximum energy to the body.

Massage also affects the psychological level!

Massage also affects the psychological level!

There are sports that require a lot of competition and are not based entirely on physical strength such as cycling, which are maneuvering tactics; but on the ability to concentrate, such as golf or rhythmic gymnastics.

Sports massage contributes to this factor, as it reduces anxiety and stress levels, increases dopamine and serotonin and reduces cortisol levels, which is involved in stress!

Thus, the athlete relaxes and concentrates on his or her goal, prior to the race or sporting activity.

Now that you know what to expect when receiving a sports massage, don’t forget that when sessions are done infrequently, they will not give the same results as those scheduled over a period of constant massage.

This is to be expected, if we take into account that the same thing happens with gymnastics, where its benefits are seen from regular or daily exercise. That is why it is ideal to massage once a week, especially if we train several hours.

But if there is no time or adequate budget, it would be good to include it between 1 and 2 times a month in our program.

At Salon Deauville we offer you the best service at the best price. Don’t wait to suffer an injury to contact us, we are waiting for you!


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