femme avec de longs cheveux et des extensions capillaires
Beth Mann
Beth Mann

Tape-in Hair Extensions – Live out your Wildest Hair Fantasy

Imagine yourself riding off into the sunset. On a white stallion. You are wild and free, like the true primal spirit you were meant to be.

How do you look? Well, you look amazing of course! Especially your long, flowing hair flying with the wind.

Wait. Stop. But I don’t have long, flowing hair.

Yes, but you could! Our Montreal hair salon is proud to offer the most natural looking tape-in hair extensions you can find. Simply schedule a consultation with us and we’ll get you looking like your fantasy self in no time flat!

What are tape-in hair extensions exactly?


Well, just what you would guess: hair that’s taped onto your existing hair (instead of being sewn or clipped in).

Why would you want hair extensions? Well there are several beautiful reasons but the first on the list is:

Hair extensions mean more hair!


Many of us were born under an unfortunate star, beauty-wise. We have thin or fine hair or hair that’s too short (because of a bad haircut or two). Secretly, we long for a more luxurious head of hair, long and flowing.

Hair extensions give you a chance to live out that beauty fantasy. You too can swing and fling your long locks flirtatiously about.

Hair extensions are easy to maintain.


Today’s hair extensions are about as easy to maintain as your actual head of hair with some additional brushing required (done mainly to keep your longer hair from tangling).

Hair extensions mean more versatility.


I don’t know about you but my short, fine hair means my style choices are very limited. But hair extensions allow me to try out the latest styles I’ve already dreamed of, from long braids to sleek ponytails to even a retro-style beehive (a 60’s themed party for New Year’s eve last year).

Hair extensions are life-style ready.


Many have an outdated version of hair extensions stuck in our head. You know, crispy and fragile extensions that obviously look fake and break off easily. But today’s hair extensions have come a long way and can endure months worth of serious activity, from gym workouts to (yes, even) swimming in the pool.

Tips for extending the life of your hair extensions.


The better you take care of your hair extensions, the longer they’ll last. Makes sense, right? Here are some basic tips to take care of your “new” head of hair.

Do not brush or comb hair extensions when wet. This can lead to premature breakage.

A little daily maintenance goes a long way. Keep your tape-in hair extensions smooth and untangled by brushing or combing daily.

Use high quality hair products but don’t use too much; too much product can cause build-up and tangling over time.

When you brush daily, make sure you’re brushing correctly. Hold the roots so you don’t yank at the bonds. Wide tooth combs work well for this job.

With a little love and care, you can have your dream head of hair too…at least for a little while. But remember: the better you take care of them, the longer they’ll last.

Not sure if hair extensions are right for you? We provide a free consultation in our Montreal salon so you can see for yourself!



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