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Swedish massage therapy or therapeutic massage: which one to choose?

Swedish massage therapy is one of the many forms of massage that are known today, its main objective being the relief of body aches and pains through specific techniques.

The two major categories of massage are divided into the East, to refer to all modalities that come from Eastern Medicine, while the West is born from the West and what is commonly known as “modern medicine”. Swedish massage therapy belongs to the latter category. 

Therapeutic massage is defined as the set of methods and techniques that, through the exertion of controlled body pressure, seeks to treat some of the main musculoskeletal disorders. 

From the above we can state that both therapeutic massage and Swedish massage therapy have in common a fundamental fact, which aims to improve body wellness through the elimination of body tensions, the improvement of muscular ailments and the relief of joint pain. 

However, this is only the first part of the benefits of incorporating this type of massage into your routine. If you want to know all the details and also where you can get a Swedish massage therapy or a therapeutic massage in Montreal, stay with us and continue reading this article. 

Let ‘s get started! 

What is Swedish massage therapy?

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Swedish massage is a type of procedure that aims to massage the body in order to obtain certain benefits. Although most people who resort to it seek to alleviate specific ailments. 

Swedish massage therapy has many benefits, including improved flexibility and mobility. It reduces muscle tension, which helps the body relax and relieves pain. It can even reduce arthritis-related body discomfort. A Swedish massage can help you sleep at night, but more importantly, it can improve the quality of your sleep. 

This type of massage has been shown to reduce blood pressure and relieve mental tension, so it can be considered a good option for people who have trouble sleeping or suffer from depression. In addition to significantly reducing physical and emotional stress, it also improves body ailments with a tendency to chronicity.  

However, in this sense (that of chronicity), it is often more advisable to choose other approaches, such as deep, traditional or therapeutic massages.

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What are the basics of Swedish massage?

Although at the beginning it was not called as such, nor was it known a particular order for the development of each phase that constitutes it, today we know that the Swedish massage therapy consists of five particular techniques: 

  1. Effleurage: being the initial part, various modes of pressure are exerted in an exploratory manner. 
  2. Petrissage: or “kneading”, the tissues are compressed and muscular relaxation is sought. 
  3. Friction: it is applied to specific areas and is intended to release muscle tension.
  4. Vibration: the body is shaken rhythmically in order to loosen and relax the body. 
  5. Tapotement: through tapping (like percussion), the aim is to improve circulation and at the same time improve lymphatic drainage. 

We must understand that this type of therapy targets the deeper layers of the muscles and fascia, which are the connective tissues that hold the muscles together. In this way, it releases tension deep within the muscle tissue and becomes a relief of pain and general body discomfort, produced by sports injuries or inflammation. 

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What is a therapeutic massage?

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Now, Swedish massage therapy and therapeutic massage have many things in common. Swedish massage therapy is defined as the manipulation of soft tissues through various massage maneuvers and techniques. 

Unlike Swedish massage therapy, therapeutic massage is often related more to medical-grade techniques, as part of specialized treatments for pain relief of muscle tissue, but also to address conditions of the skeletal system. 

Many people use massage therapy to relieve stress. Stress causes high blood pressure and consequently increases levels of the hormone cortisol. Therapeutic massage reduces cortisol and releases pressure on the nerves in order to relax the body and thereby reduce blood pressure and heart rate. 

Therapeutic massage can also reduce stress levels by stimulating the nerves, as in addition to relieving tension, massage also helps improve sleep. Massage also releases dopamine and serotonin, which are essential hormones to improve our mood and quality of life. 

Where can I find a Swedish massage therapy or therapeutic massage near me?

We hope that the information presented in this article has been of great help to you. However, we would like to remind you that it is best to ask your family doctor directly if you could incorporate any of these therapies into your treatment as a pain alternative. 

So whether you want to get major benefits or simply have a relaxing space after your workday, let us tell you that at Salon Deauville we have the best massage treatments in Montreal

What type of massage is best for me? Ask our experts for advice and find out which of our massages suits your needs. 

We look forward to seeing you at Salon Deauville! Visit us soon


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