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Beth Mann
Beth Mann

Super Soft Summer Skin 2020 – Why Exfoliation Matters

Skin is so symbolic. It might be rough on the outside but with a little work, you can uncover a beauty within–one you might not have even known about.

So what kind of work am I talking about? Exfoliation of course. This simple step can prep your body for some seriously summer styles.

Why exfoliation matters.


Exfoliation cleans pores. Dead skin essentially serves as an unhealthy seal on our skin. This means when our sebaceous glands produce oil, it gets stuck underneath, creating blackheads and the like. When you remove dry, dead skin (via a good exfoliating scrub), it removes the possibility of that debris clogging your pores.

Exfoliation helps other skincare products work better. Dead dry skin serve as a shield…and not in a good way. Even your best moisturizer or serums have trouble getting past that old, dirty barrier. When you exfoliate properly, your products have the ability to penetrate deeper and more effectively.

Exfoliation helps smooth skin texture. Plagued with age spots and other skin discoloration? Well unfortunately, exfoliation won’t completely rid you of the problem. But a good scrub does help improve skin tone, encouraging new skin cell growth. Combine your exfoliant with alpha and beta hydroxy acids as well as enzymes and you make a serious difference in those age spots.

Exfoliation boosts lymphatic drainage and circulation. It’s important to manually massage our bodies more. This action stimulates lymphatic drainage, increases detoxification and allows oxygen-rich blood to nourish the skin. So don’t forget a body brush in the shower in addition to a good facial scrub to jumpstart this process.

Why we love Lalalicious Skincare Products.


Lalalicious is not your average scrub (or melt or butter). Many on the market can be messy, goopy and simply unpleasant to use. Not our favorite brand. From their website: 

All of the LALICIOUS products are made using high-quality and natural ingredients that are nourishing to the skin and body. Using ingredients such as Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E Oil give the skin natural hydration that lasts all day. None of our formulas include parabens or sulfates and are never tested on animals.

From their decadent sugar scrub to their luscious body butter to their velour body melt, experience exfoliation and down-deep moisturizing like never before, with only the finest ingredients, all carried at our Montreal salon. In addition, we carry an exfoliation mitt (Kami Mitt) for extra buffing action!



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