Summer trends for 2021: What makeup to wear?

We are in summer, a time of the year when the warm presence of the sun manifests itself with greater intensity and the announcement of a holiday period. It is at this time when we go out to enjoy with our friends, family, partner or alone; therefore, how important is it to wear a trendy makeup for this summer 2021?

It is a fact that makeup is one of the essential parts of your look; therefore, if you want to look fantastic, beautiful and fashionable, you must be informed about the trends that emerge so as not to be left out and steal glances wherever you go.

Would you like to know what kind of makeup is right for you this season? Then read on and learn together with Salon Deauville about the main makeup trends that this summer 2021 has to offer you don’t be left behind!


What are the makeup trends for this summer 2021?

Let’s leave the gloomy moments and bring back the radiant days! That’s right, this summer promises joy, light and fun, therefore, the new makeup trends aim to give that touch of vitality to your look; even using a face mask. Try one of them and show it off!


Natural makeup

Natural makeup

It seems to be very fashionable to follow the line of nude beauty, that is, to resort to a discreet makeup that gives you a natural look. To achieve this, just apply a little light mascara, a few touches of blush on the cheeks and finish it off with a natural lip shade or gloss. Simple but captivating!

Radiant makeup

Nowadays, it is common to see celebrities that their makeup routine includes a highlighter or bronzer. It is perfect to highlight your cheekbones, nose and eyes. The color palette that will predominate will be oranges, fuchsias, yellows or corals. If you want to leave a bright presence, this is the ideal for your summer look!


Intense blush

Intense blush

If you are a fan of tiktoks you will have noticed that the summer trend for 2021, with the greatest popularity among makeup gurus, is the excessive use of blush. There is no doubt that it leaves a lovely, sexy and beautiful finish. Simply apply it to your cheekbones, then spread it across your nose to recreate a sun-kissed look – always naturally beautiful!


Graphic eyeliner

Graphic eyeliner

Do you love colorful makeup? Graphic eyeliner is perfect for bringing out your vibrant side. This new trend has attracted a lot of buzz and there’s no doubt that the results are spectacular. You just need to know what type of eyeliner is right for you.

Make an impression with your eyes! Now you can highlight your eyes with splendid colors this summer 2021.


Full, reddish lips

Full, reddish lips

Imagine having full, sensual and striking lips like those of Angelina Jolie. Now it is possible with the help of makeup. Don’t go to the plastic surgeon! Although we are in a stage where it is essential to use a mask that does not mean you can not look enviable lips.

Besides, you don’t necessarily have to leave the house to look trendy, you can show off your lips through your social networks. Post it!


Soap-combed eyebrows

Once the trend revolved around very thin eyebrows, today it’s different. This summer’s trend brings you an upward combing of the eyebrows with soap. This gives more volume and elegance to the look. If you haven’t tried this trend yet, go for it! You can combine it with the other trends we mentioned above.


Get your summer makeup 2021 with Salon Deauville

Now that we have introduced you to the makeup trends for this summer 2021 why don’t you dare to wear one of them? If you consider that you don’t have time, you can go to a professional, so nothing can stop you from looking glamorous, special and beautiful in any occasion!

That is why in Salon Deauville, we offer a wide range of makeup services in the hands of beauty experts who will be in charge of giving you the best results so that you look on trend this year.

Without a doubt, in our salon you will be attended to in the best way, taking care of your comfort and well-being, you will have the makeup of your dreams! However, this is not the only thing we offer you! Salon Deauville also offers you pampering services.

Due to our highly trained staff, we have skin care services, bleaching, barbering, facials, laser hair removal, among others, you just choose the one you prefer! We also have an online store, where you will find quality and interesting products that will complement your beauty routine.

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If you want to purchase some of our products you can contact us and we will assist you, but if you want to get one of our excellent services, make your reservation here, Salon Deauville provides you with the beauty you need!

Follow us on social networks and don’t miss any of the promotions and services of the best salon in Montreal. You can also visit our blog to stay informed about tips, new trends, fashion, among others, that you should not miss.

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