Summer 2021: haircut trends for men

Summer 2021 is here and it’s time to start enjoying the goodness that this great time of the year brings: the warmth of the sun at its best, the possibility of visiting new places… And, for many, summer means vacation and, therefore, travel.

When traveling, many seek to look unique, glamorous and eye-catching. So why not get to know the haircut trends for men this summer 2021? From Salon Deauville, through our barbershop, where we specialize in men’s looks, we present them to you. Here we go!


Meet the most popular haircuts for this season

As we have already said, one of the main characteristics of summer is the rising temperatures. Just starting this summer 2021, quite high temperatures were recorded in various areas of Canada. There is no doubt that the heat is noticeable and, to mitigate it, many people opt for various strategies, such as wearing short or loose clothing.

But, you should know that it is possible to take this method further. Here are the trends in men’s haircuts for this season. If you pay attention, almost all the styles are either short or not too long, but, anyway… Pay attention:


1. Center pairing

1. Center pairing

Sound familiar? This haircut for men can be considered vintage and is back on trend for summer 2021. It’s nothing new and it’s one of the simplest haircuts there is. And yes, it is very basic, but totally efficient and functional.

It consists of separating the hair into two sections, right down the middle and distributing it in equal proportions on both sides. The great thing about this haircut is its versatility. You can check it out because many movie or music stars use it with very different styles.

You can leave your hair as long as you want and style it as explained above. If you go for shorter hair, you may need the help of a hairspray or cream. But it will look great.


2. Buzz cut

2. Buzz cut

Another classic! The buzz cut has been a trend in men’s haircuts every summer for the past few years. What can we say about this cut? It’s almost 100% shaved and it’s perfect for the season, as we already said, because of the increased heat and being more relaxed.

However, if you decide to go for this cut, be careful. It may look simple because it has almost no details. But, it is not recommended that you do it yourself, unless you have experience in the field. It is best to always have it done by an expert, as it can get out of control and damage your hair or skin at some point if you don’t do it carefully.


3. High-and-Tight

3. High-and-Tight

Also known as “tight fade with cropped top” (being a more descriptive name), it is considered one of the most versatile men’s haircuts in general. And indeed, this summer 2021 will be a trend.

And yes, you only have to look at it a little bit to realize that, although it may not have been conceived that way, it is a very summery cut. It is also a very formal looking cut. And it’s simple: the top section with hair and almost nothing on the sides (it can be more or less, depending on the cutter’s taste).


4. Surf rat

4. Surf rat

What could be more summery than the beach and a good surf session? The surf rat is another trend in men’s haircuts this summer. Relax, you don’t need to have spent all day on the board taming the waves to have it.

The surf rat consists of leaving the hair with a medium length and applying a product that adds volume. This gives the appearance of having lived with the sea breeze for a while.

It is not necessary to wear a specific hairstyle (although the first style on this list can be used as a reference). To add volume to your hair you can mix salt and water and spray it on your hair with a spray bottle. And that’s it, perfect to wear this summer 2021.


5. French crop

You’ve already met the High-and-Tight. To close this list of trends in men’s haircuts for summer 2021, we will talk about what is considered to be its updated and contemporary version. We are talking about the French crop.

It is very similar, but, unlike its distant cousin, the French crop eliminates much of the volume from the top and with another straight cut over the bangs. The idea of the French crop is to comb your hair forward. And little more to say, dare to wear it!


Give a unique style to your hair at Salon Deauville barber shop

As you have already seen, the trends in men’s haircuts for summer 2021 are quite varied, but, they aim to adapt to the warm temperatures. If you are interested in trying one of them, don’t think about it too much. We hope to have cleared up your doubts through this small (but complete) guide.

And if you’ve already made up your mind, don’t hesitate to entrust us with the job! At Salon Deauville barbershop, we are experts in men’s hair and beard fashion. Visit us! We are located on Jean-Talon Boulevard, near Decarie in Montreal’s West End. You will be attended by highly trained staff.

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You can come with or without a booking. We adapt to each client and will know how to help you. We offer a variety of services for children and adults: hair and beard cutting, hair coloring and more. Any questions or comments? Contact us for more information, we will be happy to help you.

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