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The best 2021 nail design for summer

If you’re not sure what to do with your 2021 nail design, you should consider these fun summer manicure trends. Whatever you decide, it will look fabulous!

Let your fingers do the talking this season with bold, bright colors and whimsical nail art. The manicurists at our Montreal salon are the best in their field and take your nails to the next level, always on top of the latest trends and designs.

Let’s leave behind the sober colors of fall/winter and fill our hands with the brightness and color of spring/summer. So, here we present you some nail design ideas 2021. Try these ideas and get the summer style you’ve always wanted!


Nude nails stay on trend for summer 2021

Nude colors are part of the spring nail designs 2021 that are sticking around for summer. They have been in the sights of manicurists and nail artists around the world for several years and in 2021 they will be popular, thanks to their great ability to adapt to any style, especially if they go pink.

For a classic style, these colors are often accompanied by the traditional French design, to make a nice contrast with the rest of the nail.


Nail design 2021 for summer: Minimalist decorations

Minimalist nail art has become very popular in the salons of the city, therefore, one of the favorite ways of decoration by all.

Favorite designs incorporate everything from plaids, graphic lines and simple patterns to French manicures in gold or color gradients.

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The ever-present white color

White is one of those colors that are great for any season of the year. During the summer, it will bring to our nails freshness, brightness and a modern style, especially if we do not wear it in the milky nails style.

This basically consists of wearing a semi-transparent white on the nails, which gives a milky appearance. It looks very elegant and modern!


Nail Designs 2021: Corals and Reds

If you want to be a little more daring, the color red cannot be missing in your 2021 nail designs. For this you have an incredible variety of options, the range of tones can oscillate between cold and warm undertones, although the latter are the most appropriate for summer.

With these 2021 nail designs, your hands will be the center of attention. Of course, make sure they are always polished and neat, otherwise they will look unkempt and unattractive. Also, be sure to apply a top coat of clear polish to keep your nails looking their best.


Rainbow Nails

Another strong trend this spring/summer is mismatched nails. If you’re having a hard time choosing a particular nail design or a specific color for all your nails, don’t worry.

Rainbow nails allow us to choose a color or design for each nail, which do not necessarily have to match each other.

Colors like cherry red, lemon yellow, sky blue and green will scream summer and your nails will be the center of attention. These are just a few nail ideas that will make your summer 2021 style even more beautiful and chic!


Bold Pastel (Neon Pastel) Color Schemes are HOT this Spring/Summer!

These wildly popular bold pastel shades (also called “neon pastels)” are reminiscent of Easter egg colors but with a bit more of a punky punch. We’re talking colors like Peachy Keen, Plush Bleu, Spearmint, Vibrant Lilac Quartz, I am What I Amethyst, Go Ginza (deep plum shade), Mod About You and Mint Candy Apple to give you an idea. Ask one of our manicurists for their favorite selection of fun pastels.

Note in the images below that each bold pastel shade complements the other with no one color dominating the rest. That’s where the artistry comes in!


Now… where to put the colors. Acrylic or Gel?

Nail designs for summer 2021 go best on long nails…and we mean VERY LONG. Whether you opt for gel or acrylic extensions, both offer the “canvas” needed to show off your color choices.

Remember: Acrylics tend to be harder than gel extensions. Gel nail extensions are more flexible and easier to remove. A parallel that’s often used: think of a plastic drinking cup versus a glass drinking cup. Acrylics are more similar to glass whereas gel is more similar to the plastic cup.

Nail health and lifestyle are both factors when choosing so consult with your manicurist first. You want nail extensions that fit you since they’ll be staying on for a while!

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Beautiful Nail Designs 2021 at Deauville Salon

Nothing lifts the spirits more than well-manicured, brightly colored nails. Every time you look at them, you’ll smile…guaranteed.

Reach out to us so we can add some color to your life. Our manicurists are artists who bring ideas to the table as well as collaborate with your ideas.

Don’t forget to visit our sites Deauville Shop and Boutique Deauville, we are waiting for you! Stay tuned for the best nail designs 2022.


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