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Beth Mann
Beth Mann

Spring/Summer Balayage and Other Trendy Hair Colors for 2021

Just a year ago, we were stuck at home, doing our own hair and (probably) not looking our best. But now, as we slowly open back up, visits to the salon are back on the books. So what would you like to look like as we spring into Spring 2021?

If you’re like me, you just went a little blonder with dark lowlights. (It reminds me of the sunkissed summer hair and cheers me up each time I look in the mirror.) But we’re all different. This year, expect more shine, multi-layered color and dimension (more fun!).

So dare to push the boundaries a bit! What are your dream hair colors of choice this Spring/Summer 2021?

Here’s some 2021 hair color inspiration:


Golden Blonde with Lowlights

Smiling Woman Wearing White Lace Top

Maybe you’ve seen Billy Eilish’s latest transformation, but this warm yet sunny, bright blonde is the definition of a hot summer. Low lights add a level of depth and authenticity to the overall look.

Candy Pink

Woman Covered Her Right Face With Pink Doughnut

Before you say absolutely not, remember: pink is the perfect temporary color. You can sport this fun look for a spell then go back to your “norm” color.

Wheat Brown/Grainy Blonde

Self assured young female singer with curly hair and makeup standing in modern studio with synthesizer before concert

This color adjusts well over time so it’s perfect for those who love low-maintenance styles. This grainy blonde color offers that trendy dimensionality and works with many types of complexions.

Wet Black/Jet Black

Lips, Skin, Light Skin, Woman, Female, Chin, Beauty

For those with a flair for a little drama, this hot color adds a certain wet sheen often lacking in lesser quality black colors (which can often appear dull or flat).

Strawberry Blonde Mix

Serious woman looking at camera

We saved the best for last. What’s more fun and summery than strawberry blonde? But this blonde with a hint of red has layers of richness like a beautiful summer dessert.

So what color speaks to you this spring/summer? Take a chance! Show the world that you’re celebrating a new season with new possibilities!

Unsure of what works for you? Our stylists provide free consultations where we examine your skin tones, current style and particular preferences. Just gives us a ring! 



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