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Spray Tans Have Come a LONG Way – Experience the (Safe) Glow

It’s nearing the end of the summer. But you wouldn’t know it when you look at me. I have a computer based job that keeps me white as porcelain even during the hottest months in Montreal. With a high school reunion coming up, I don’t want to look like a ghost from the past, so I just booked a spray tan at my favorite Montreal salon, Salon Deauville.

Before you scoff, spray tans have come a long way. Gone are the days of those awful orangey skin dyes that rub off on your clothes. It’s a new era for people like me who need a little boost in the skin coloration department.

Salon Deauville offers one of the best spray tanning products: Norvell Sunless Solutions


Norvell has a “glowing” reputation. Check out their many happy reviews. Their spray tan is composed of a high-quality DHA to help people like me achieve the best sunless tans.

According to Norvell’s website: 

The principle tanning agent used in all self-tanning formulas is dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This ingredient does not produce a “real tan” by increasing the skin’s melanin levels, rather it creates a tanned appearance by developing a brown color on the surface of the skin.

The action of DHA is limited to the upper layer of the skin and involves a reaction between DHA and skin proteins and oxygen that produces brown compounds. This process is similar to what occurs when you slice open an apple and the surface of the apple browns when it’s exposed to the oxygen in the air.

Not only is a spray tan infinitely safer than a “real” tan with its dangerous UV rays but Norvell uses breakthrough micro-nutrient technology to provide a lavish blend of vitamins and antioxidants to increase our skin’s inherent natural glow.

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