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Update your skin care routine for fall!



Did you know that it is necessary to update your skin care routine in the fall? Weather changes can have a direct impact on the behavior of the skin and autumn is when it is most necessary, because winds and the drop in temperature can make it more fragile and sensitive. 


To this we must add that after the summer, skin can feel chapped or dry from the sun or high temperatures. Therefore, it is time to become even more selective with those products we decide to incorporate into our autumn beauty routine.  


But that’s not all. The autumn period constitutes the months leading up to winter and if autumn is already a complicated time in terms of skin care, the winter inclemencies are even more so. 


How should we take care of our skin in autumn?


To ensure the health of the skin we must avoid the excessive use of abrasive products for the skin, avoiding in the first instance to trigger a process of overexposure, which would only bring us dryness and irritation. 


Instead, the skin care routine for fall should prioritize moisturizing, hydration and preservation of the skin’s natural properties, so as not to affect either appearance or protective capacity. 


To this end, there is nothing better than to ask for specialized advice and, in addition to these tips that you can follow on a daily basis, incorporate into your care routine, professional treatments, carried out with new and modern systems. 


Pay attention to the following information.


What products should your fall skin care routine include?


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As for the types of products to incorporate into your fall skin care routine, you will find the same ones you use during the rest of the year. The only difference to keep in mind is that they should include high hydration and moisturizing features. Of course, you should choose these products according to your skin type, i.e. dry, combination or oily. 


The first thing you should do is use a facial cleanser that is gentle on the skin, highly moisturizing, does not dry the skin and leaves it clean to receive the properties of the other products. The second step falls to exfoliation, which, while it should be done less frequently during the fall, should be part of your routine at least a couple of times a month. 


What you do need is to get a soft-grained exfoliator that allows you to remove all impurities, but without harming the integrity of the skin. 


The role of the cleanser and exfoliator should be complemented with a good facial toner. The properties we should look for in a facial toner for the skin care routine for fall are to restore radiance, reduce blemishes, prevent acne outbreaks and ensure a good smoothness. Examples are products containing salicylic, lactic or glycolic acid. 


How to complement the use of these products?


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When the above products have been applied, a serum should be applied. A serum is a type of treatment that has high concentrations of active ingredients. For the skin care routine for fall it is important to incorporate a revitalizing serum into the routine, capable of soothing the harmful effects of summer, such as cracked, blotchy or dry skin. 


After the serum, be sure to apply an eye contour cream. Remember that the skin around the eyes is more sensitive than the rest of the facial skin, so it is necessary to offer special care to the skin in this area. 


Obviously, in order to retain these properties in the skin, a moisturizer should be applied as a last step. If it is a moisturizing cream, it will help replenish the essential oils of the skin; on the other hand, if it is a hydrating cream, it will help maintain moisture. 


Sunscreen is a must!


As the last step in your skin care routine for fall, don’t forget to apply sunscreen, especially when you plan to leave the house. To choose one with adequate coverage, remember to choose one equal to or greater than 50 SFP. 


This product plays a fundamental role in the prevention of blemishes, wrinkles and other skin imperfections.


Accompany your professional routine thanks to our experts


Now that you know the best products for a flawless skin care routine for fall, remember that you can also incorporate some of our professional procedures: 



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