Radiofrequency pigmentation treatment. Where can it be done?
Beth Mann
Beth Mann

Radiofrequency pigmentation treatment. Where can it be done?

The skin is the largest organ that covers and protects us from the outside. Many times, people tend to neglect this important lining to attend to other issues. This will eventually affect our health and appearance, since the skin is the one that receives the most damage from the environment.

From exposure to sunlight, wind, dirt, the passage of time or congenital problems, the skin increasingly deteriorates. However, a particular detriment of this organ is the appearance of spots of different colors and sizes. These are called pigmented lesions.

While most of these lesions are harmless, others can result in serious medical complications. However, many of these spots are more of an aesthetic problem. The skin looks older and worn out.

Fortunately, there are many new treatments that serve to rejuvenate and beautify the skin. Thanks to clinical technology, it is now possible to reduce age and eliminate these unsightly blemishes. And one of these fabulous methods is radiofrequency pigmentation treatment.

At this point, many will think that this sounds dangerous and even deadly. But it’s not! It is a totally safe procedure that uses the properties of energy to renew your dermis. Radiofrequency is one of the most effective treatments to make those pigmented spots disappear.

The results can amaze you! And if you’re curious to learn more about this treatment, then you’re in the right place!

As Salon Deauville, the most renowned beauty and aesthetic care salon in Montreal, we’ll explain what radiofrequency pigmentation treatment is all about, its great benefits and where you can get it done. Don’t miss this great informative opportunity.

Let’s get started!

About skin pigmentation, why does this happen?

About skin pigmentation, why does this happen?

Hyperpigmentation of the skin manifests itself in spots or skin growths caused by melanocytic cells (responsible for the color or pigment of the skin). When darker or different colored areas appear in the dermis, it is because there is more pigmentation than in the rest of this organ.

Often, these spots or lesions give the skin an uneven or patchy appearance due to these differences in tone and color. The most common pigmented lesions are: age spots, birthmarks, freckles, moles, sunspots, reddish skin, among others.

These lesions are generally harmless. Almost all adults have one or more on their skin. However, it is important to monitor these skin areas to control any change in shape, size or color (because in the worst scenarios, these spots can be malignant or precancerous).

For that reason, it is necessary to see a dermatologist or specialist to check for any non-uniform pigmentation on your skin. Professionals can recommend a variety of treatments to improve your appearance or prevent future complications.

What causes pigmented lesions?

Pigmentation in the skin can be due to different causes. Some of these include: genetics, skin type, sun exposure, sunburn, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, certain diseases, medication and even acne.

What causes pigmented lesions?

Many people are already born with some areas of their skin more pigmented. In other cases, people develop spots over time (from freckles to darkening of the dermis). In addition, high sun exposure and aging lead to pigmentation or skin discoloration.

Pigmentation is also caused by conditions such as acne, burns or inflammation. In other cases, people taking certain medications or who are in an altered hormonal state may develop pigmented spots.

Excessive melanocyte activity increases pigmentation levels. This can be worsened by the use of inappropriate products (such as very strong fragrances) or by trauma to the skin (heat, lacerations, etc.). Having or developing pigmentation is natural, but you should remain vigilant.

Any noticeable change is important, especially in skin coloration. This is why pigmentation treatments should be tailored to each individual according to their skin type, the cause of the pigmentation and the result they hope to achieve (for aesthetic or medical purposes).

How does radiofrequency treatment work?

Now that we know about pigmentation, we can talk about radiofrequency. This wonderful dermatological treatment repairs and rejuvenates pigmented skin using energy delivered by a modern device. One of the most effective and innovative non-surgical techniques!

How does radiofrequency treatment work?

Radiofrequency is a non-invasive and painless procedure. This treatment repairs damaged skin and diminishes unwanted imperfections, such as pigmentation. In this way, you will significantly improve the appearance of your dermis without the need for surgery or downtime.

How is the process performed?

Radiofrequency treatment is performed with a technological device that precisely and safely emits energy into the pigmented areas. When this occurs, the targeted skin will heat up and heal at an accelerated rate to stimulate collagen production and regulate the creation of melanocytes.

In this manner, the pigmented lesions will eventually fade without causing damage to the surrounding skin tissue. Radiofrequency also improves skin texture. The dermis is revitalized and toned again, thus preventing sagging.

Accelerated healing for pigmentation leaves no scars or marks. It is very effective in making any unwanted blemishes disappear. And best of all, you don’t need any recovery time. You can return to your daily routine after undergoing this treatment without any complications.

Amazing, isn’t it? You can achieve blemish and pigmented lesion free skin in a very simple way. Renewing your skin has never been as easy as with radiofrequency. In addition, this treatment is suitable for almost all skin types and for people of any age.

Treatment duration and other considerations

Treatment duration and other considerations

Radiofrequency is totally painless and effective! You don’t have to worry about the effects of radiation. The only thing you will feel is pinching and the sensation of heat running through your skin. Discomfort is minimal. Even if you have very sensitive skin, the application to the pigmented area can be regulated.

Another important point is that the radiofrequency procedure is very short. Each session can last from 20 minutes to 1 hour. This is the time needed for the energy delivered by the devices to do its work on your skin. The energy released in the form of waves does not affect your body at all.

Your skin will not be in any danger from the exposure of the energy and you will regain the right tone with the radiofrequency treatment!

Benefits of radiofrequency pigmentation treatment

This innovative dermatological and cosmetic technology has wonderful benefits for your skin and appearance. First, and most importantly, pigmented spots or lesions will fade. Your skin will no longer look uneven or old, because with this procedure you will regain an even tone.

In addition, you will get a healthier, toned and revitalized skin thanks to the stimulation of collagen. Signs of aging or sun damage will eventually vanish from your face and body. Your skin’s texture and color will also naturally firm up.

Benefits of radiofrequency pigmentation treatment

Other fantastic benefits of radiofrequency pigmentation treatment are:

  • Painless process with no discomfort.
  • Short application time.
  • No downtime or aftercare required.
  • It is suitable for most people and skin types.
  • It provides a long lasting effect with several constant sessions.

Number of sessions and side effects

For the application of this therapy, it will depend on your case and the indications of your specialist. However, it is recommended that you follow a pigmentation treatment of four to eight sessions to obtain lasting and gradual results, since pigmented spots do not disappear all at once.

You can undergo a weekly application or two after a month. The time will be agreed between you and the professional who treats you. Now, about the side effects, the radiofrequency pigmentation treatment is not deadly or risky. On the contrary!

It is very safe and reliable, since everything is regulated, from the application of the energy to the temperature control of the device. However, it is essential that you know a few things. If you have very sensitive skin, the most you will experience is a temporary redness in the treated area.

In some cases, you may experience mild swelling that will disappear within 24 to 72 hours. You can also apply creams or topicals before and after radiofrequency therapy to lessen these effects. The truth is that these are really insignificant symptoms.

However, if you suffer from: rosacea, congenital redness, red bumps, broken blood vessels and capillaries… It is better to be cautious! The application of radiofrequency heat can worsen your inflammation, increase the redness of your skin and even affect your circulation.

Where is a radiofrequency pigmentation treatment performed?

Where is a radiofrequency pigmentation treatment performed?

This pigmentation therapy is performed exclusively in licensed aesthetic skin care centers, dermatology clinics and beauty salons. These are the only places where the proper technological and medical equipment is available for this procedure.

Another important issue is to make sure that you are attended by certified professionals. Many people run the risk of suffering burns due to bad applications in inexperienced hands. Therefore, we recommend that you seek only dermatologists or skin beauty experts.

Additionally, you should make sure that the clinic or aesthetic center you visit has the appropriate radiofrequency device for pigmentation treatments, since there are different models that are responsible for stretching the skin. Be alert and we recommend that you search on websites or recognized directories.

It is also vital that you make a first appointment for the dermatologist, specialist or beauty expert to evaluate your case. You need to be frank about what you want. The professional must listen to you and provide you with the best options for this treatment. A prior consultation is essential!

Beautify your skin at Salon Deauville with SRA-ELOS!

Now that you know what radiofrequency pigmentation treatment consists of, where you can get it done and its fantastic benefits, what are you waiting for to undergo this aesthetic therapy! As Salon Deauville, we offer you the most effective pigmentation treatment in all of Montreal with SRA-ELOS .

SRA-ELOS is our state-of-the-art equipment that combines bipolar radiofrequency and light energies to precisely heat dermal tissue. Our beauty experts will redefine your skin! Say goodbye to pigmented spots and lesions! What are you waiting for to get firm and healthy skin!

Besides, at Salon Deauville we have a variety of aesthetic beauty care services to pamper you, from hair coloring, eyelash extensions, manicures and pedicures, massages and much more, you can also find the most renowned aesthetic products in our store!

We are the best beauty and care salon in all of Montreal is waiting for you! Come and enjoy the full Deauville Salon experience! You can contact us by clicking on the image below, it will be our pleasure to serve you!

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