Professional makeup course in Montreal: the ultimate guide
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Professional makeup course in Montreal: the ultimate guide

Makeup is not an escape route. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to grow professionally.

With hundreds of years of experience, makeup has existed in our history for very long time, giving you the possibility to evolve with us, and now … take it to the professional field! This career is climbing up in the pyramid of privileged careers for those who love the art of transformation.

The list of professional makeup courses is endless, but which one is ideal for you? Here at Salon Deauville we have prepared the definitive guide that will walk the path with you at all times during your time acquiring all the knowledge required about makeup.

Are you ready?

What is professional makeup?

19th century, France and its French theaters. In this context, the word makeup was pronounced for the first time.

In general, the concept of makeup is nothing more than the process of applying products for cosmetic purposes to transform the appearance of some part of the body, specifically the face. These “transformations” used to be carried out to change people’s appearance, make them look beautiful, or simply to embody a character in the plays.

Makeup usually highlights certain features, and is frequently applied to certain areas of the face: eyelids, lips, eyebrows, cheekbones, cheeks, and other areas. Delving deeper into the concept of makeup, this process did nothing more than evolve through the decades, and now we have different types of makeup for different purposes, both commercial and personal.

Professional makeup is a mix of different types of makeup, techniques, materials and products, where the person in charge of applying makeup must have the skills to combine these characteristics and offer an unmatched job.

Conocer y profundizar en estos conceptos básicos te permitirán trabajar con decenas de clientes con diferentes necesidades, diferentes tipos de rostros y diferentes estilos. La labor de un maquillador profesional es empatizar con sus clientes para conocerlos mejor y ofrecerles una visión perfecta de sus ideas de maquillaje.

Makeup Basics

You need to know everything when preparing to be a makeup artist. You need to keep in touch with cosmetic products, brushes, techniques, and materials trends in the market. That’s why we introduce you to the basics of makeup.

  1. Pay attention to your client’s face
  2. Work tools
  3. Brushes
  4. Blurs
  5. Correctors
  6. Creams … and more
  7. Correction techniques
  8. Theories about the application of colors
  9. Focus on the forehead, eyes, lips and nose

Knowing and deepening into these basic concepts will allow you to work with dozens of clients that have different needs, different types of faces and different styles. The job of a professional makeup artist is to empathize with their clients, so you get to know them better and offer them a perfect insight into their makeup ideas.

Professional makeup: what are your expectations?

Professional makeup: what are your expectations?

If we say that we have no expectations when we studying something brand new that we don’t know; we would be lying.

Expectations can help us get just what we want. If we expect a course to be good and it turns out to be unexpectedly obnoxious, it is an indication that we want something better because we deserve better.

Now, professional makeup doesn’t have to cause you any fear or nerves. This career is ideal for anyone who loves to interact with people (clients), create wonderful works of art (innovative makeup), and take the initiative to keep improving their skills (professional courses).

Let’s be honest: what are your expectations?

Do you hope to get a job immediately once you finish a course or in the middle of the process of wrapping it out? The answer might vary. This will depend on your intentions and your commitment. If you take it seriously, the opportunities will come, but if you are mediocre on yourself, don’t expect too much then.

Do you want to know everything? It is possible to know everything in the world of beauty and professional makeup. It is possible to know everything about cosmetic products and techniques. We only ask one little thing: expect for innovations and new trends, so you can also learn from them always.

Now, do you understand how expectations can work for you or against you? Use your expectations well, and you will achieve big changes in your professional life.

Types of Makeup

Regardless of the occasion, makeup is your ally to show off the best version of yourself. In this way, just like a tree, makeup has ramifications for a variety of types of its own kind, which are called ‘types of makeup’. Do you know any of them?

Professional makeup

As we already mentioned, it’s a makeup style applied by a professional. The person is responsible for applying all his knowledge about techniques and coloring in order to enhance the beauty of a face regardless of what type of face it is, its characteristics or its imperfections.

Street Makeup

Or we can also call it day-to-day makeup. It’s the most common and most applied type of makeup in various communities of women, and men as well.

This type of makeup concentrates the application of a light base that closely matches the color tone of the skin, mascara, blush and lipstick. There are no requirements to apply this style of makeup, however, we recommend using quality cosmetic products that can last for a whole day. This way, you will take care of your skin and your appearance.

Natural Makeup

Setting a strong trend, natural makeup is an excellent option for those who prefer adopting a more natural appearance rather than one that is eccentric.

Learn more about natural makeup here.

Photography Makeup

Sometimes simple, sometimes complicated; photography makeup helps to appreciate the right amount of shine on the face of people when taking the photo. Depending on the style of the photo shoot, the makeup style will vary according to the purpose of the shoot.

Evening Makeup

Whether you are at an event, a holiday, or a family gathering, evening make-up is intended to enhance the beauty of the face while taking advantage of the place’s lighting.

Bridal Makeup

This type of makeup is well-known due to the perfect combination of shades that play together with the accessories of the bride’s dress. Translucent textures, discretion and natural beauty are characteristics of bridal makeup.

Film Makeup

Specifically, film makeup is not after the search for beauty, but rather to provide certain characteristics and / or distinctive features to a character. This type of makeup creates special effects with the purpose of changing the physiognomy of the actor.

Theater Makeup

Very similar to film makeup, theater makeup attempts to recreate physiognomic characteristics of a character in the play. The difference between both types of makeup is that theater makeup allows a character to stand out in a space regardless of how far away or in what position the audience is.

Makeup for television

Makeup for television attempts to make the presenters and all who appear on the screen look radiant, with little brightness on their face, and a chance to hide their imperfections from the camera.

Makeup Tools

Makeup Tools

Just as the doctors have scalpels, and pastry chefs have ovens, makeup artists have brushes… and sponges… and highlighters and… you want to know what else? Read below!


These are the essential tools of a professional makeup artist. Although you can use your fingertips to spread cosmetics such as foundations, it is aesthetically and hygienically more appropriate to use brushes.

There is a very long list with types of brushes, and each one has its own purpose: brushes for lashes, for eyebrows, for lips, brushes of powders, etc.

Discover the trendiest brushes once and for all.

Shadows and concealers

Beauty and makeup gurus always recommend starting your makeup journey with trendy shadow colors, which most commonly used shadow colors can be beige, brown, and one that other light colors, so you can work with a convenient color palette to start.

This knowledge works the same for concealers. A 4-color palette is more than enough to start your career, and still deliver wonderful results.

Blender sponges

These are not the same we use to wash our dishes. Blender sponges are used to spread foundations and concealers over the skin almost perfectly. There are varieties of blenders for different parts of the face and the body that work great. NOTE: the triangular blender is the most functional for difficult areas.


Foundations come in different shades, hues, and textures; and they are divided in different skin types. Consider having a variety of foundation shades for any clients with various skin tones.


Makeup artists enhance their clients’ look with highlighters, and they can bring that feeling of natural glow to the face. Highlighters consist of different presentations: stick, powder, and cream. The latter is the most effective, which we recommend.

What you should not do when learning professional makeup

You are surely eager to learn all about professional makeup, but it is time for you to know some things that you should NOT do when practicing it. Not only will they help you grow in your career, but they will help you avoid common mistakes.

Do not test the base on your hands

This is a bad habit that has passed down generations. This act that many makeup artists do should stop. When you test the foundation on your hand, you will not have the exact shade of your face, since the hand is 1 or 2 shades darker. Ideally, test the foundation on areas of the neck, or the jaw.

Do you want to know about how to choose the right foundation for your skin? Now you will know.

Excess dust is unacceptable

Enough will always be enough, and when placing the powder it is just and necessary. Sometimes, if you don’t know how to apply the right amount of powder onto your face, you will notice the difference in shades between the face and the neck area, which will look unprofessional. There are ways to fix it, and one of them is to use a brush and apply a layer of translucent powder.

Don’t store your makeup in the bathroom

We say this due to a variety of temperatures and humidity in bathrooms, which can result in deteriorating situations for your makeup, and promote the creation of germs, fungus that could cause skin diseases. You don’t want this for your clients, right?


Instead of getting rid of dark circles, highlighters grant light

We don’t want you to believe that highlighters can work to correct imperfections; that’s what we have concealers for. Highlighters will not fix dark circles; rather it will highlight imperfections in ways that you will never want.

Don’t fall asleep with your makeup on

Bad, bad, bad, habit as sleeping with makeup still on your face. Yes, you may be exhausted, tired, and very lazy, but removing makeup before bed is essential so that your skin does not deteriorate. At night, makeup can clog pores on your face, causing blemishes like acne or rashes. Oh, and your pillows will end up stained too. Are you ready for that?

Benefits of studying professional makeup

Benefits of studying professional makeup

Studying professional makeup will open more doors for you than you could have ever imagined, as long as you take it very seriously, develop your skills and abilities, and you are not afraid to try new techniques, products, or trends.

Discover new products

Like medicine, cosmetic products are constantly innovating. Year after year, these products are often released with new features, but will almost the same characteristics. For example, a powder foundation may come in different presentations, colors and textures, and they will be released again with something new to demonstrate, and they will still remain a compact powder.

Develop your creativity

A makeup artist can be represented as a modern face-artist. Creativity is what distinguishes an artist from other artists, so the more developed your creative side is, the more opportunities you will get.

Trends never end

Trends allow a makeup artist to attempt new techniques or products, and you can even be the one who creates trends, why not?

This benefit is one of the most interesting things in the world of beauty, as opportunities surround your career. If you know how to take advantage of them, you will have the world at your feet.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn something new that will build great artistic abilities in your professional career. At Salon Deauville we will support you along the way. Don’t waste any more time!


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