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Pencil it! Montreal Bridal Hair and Makeup Open House (February 24th)

Salon Deauville’s Bridal Hair & Make-up Open House

February 24th 2019


As I prepare for my wedding (a year and a half from now), my head is swimming with ideas. And most I can manage: the location, the caterer, the food, the dress, the music, the groom (ha). But one area where I need as much help as possible?

My hair and make-up.

And while I’m pretty skilled at doing my face and hair, I’m certainly not a stylist nor a make-up artist. And I’m guessing you’re not either. That’s why this upcoming event is a perfect fit.

Every year, Deauville Salon hosts a fun and very popular bridal open house where they invite a selected amount of vendors in the bridal industry and offer free mini bridal hair and make up consultations and demonstrations to future brides. Seriously, this is a no-brainer for brides to be.

A bridal open house. Where else can you interview this many beauty professionals in one place?


Just like dating the right guy, finding the right make-up artist and hair stylist takes some trial and error. Sure, everyone at Deauville is great…but who is right for you? Consider this open house like a form of speed dating. It’s only at events like this where you can meet a ton of beauty professionals, shake their hands, review their work, and talk over your specific needs.


How to Find the Right Make-up Artist for your Wedding Day


Here’s my story: I was looking for a make-up artist that understood my specific beauty needs. I’m not a gal who wears excessive amounts of make-up. I wanted a natural look but…elevated for my wedding day.

When I met my make-up artist, he showed me samples of his work. I knew right away that he was my “match.” His previous work demonstrated a light, natural touch but with that certain oomph you want so your wedding photos look amazing.

Other factors to consider when choosing a make-up artist:

  • The kind of product the make-up artist uses (since I prefer natural ingredients). The more you know about the product, the more you can expect how it will work if you cry or get kissed on the cheek a million times.
  • Organizational skills. I wanted someone impeccably organized so I didn’t have to worry about his or her arrival time or ability to get the job done.
  • Personality. This is a big one. I’m going to be nervous! I want someone who has a calming effect on me.


How to Find the Right Hair Stylist for your Wedding Day


While I wanted my make-up to look natural, I wanted a more coiffed hair style to balance out my final look. I’ve been growing out my hair for years so I felt it was time to “play” and go big.

I found the perfect stylist who specialized in romantic, glamorous up-do’s. When she showed me her portfolio of work, I saw a bride with just the style I was looking for, so I knew I found the right gal. But again, its more than just their abilities.

Other factors to consider when picking a hair stylist for your wedding day:

  • Personality. My hair style is going to take a long time and like my make-up artist, I wanted someone who had a calm, collected personality (to balance out my nerves). Luckily, my stylist also has a killer sense of humor.
  • Experience. I wanted a hair stylist with a history of doing hair like mine (fine, soft). During our interview, she detailed how much time she’s spent working on similar hair so I felt comfortable that her work history would mean a surefire killer “do” that actually stays in place for the entirety of the day.

What to expect at this year’s Bridal Open House at Salon Deauville

This is a popular event so get here early and prepare to shake some hands and take some notes. There will be a bevy of professionals on hand, including those who specialize in bridal make-up and hair.

Take note of 2019 bridal hair trends, including “no care hair” with its messy bun (inspired by Meghan Markle) and The New Half-up (where face-framing layers are pulled back and laid flat with bobby pins). Super fun addition to any bridal hair styles? Tiny petals placed within the hairdo.

Make-up trends include a bold, matte red lipstick with a neutral/natural backdrop (something I might consider) and silver streaking (on the eyes and nails).

Weddings require a ton of decision making. And bridal open houses like the one at Salon Deauville give women like me the opportunity to shop around and make the best decision. Like choosing the groom, the right person matters!

Ready to get started early? We provide in-house bridal consultations in Montreal so you can get one-on-one time with our bridal professionals. Simply call us (514-735-4432) or email us at info@salondeauville.com. 


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